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When you hear three of the most influential members...or past members...of the U.S. financial establishment putting out the same talking points it's time to sit up and take notice!! Over this past weekend there was news that will affect home buyers and home owners that want to refinance. Alan Gre...
We all have seen the latest hit-piece from the national media hyping some "home sales statistics" that say sales declined last month....I can't tell you much about that..but let me show you what happened in a few zip code areas of San Diego! The story isn't that sales fell in August....the real s...
What do these things have in common: "Exploding" Option ARM mortgages Chinese Pig Farmers Hoarding Copper and Nickel US Homeowners who choose "Strategic Default" as a financial strategy A new business in L.A. "Revenge by Proxy" Seems like a pretty random grab-bag doesn't it?  Like one of those tr...
For those of you that aren't anglers or fans of nature shows it may be hard to actually picture a feeding's total panic...the water splashing and boilling as predatory fish go absolutely crazy...and that is a completely accurate picture of the housing market right now for buyers in S...
Over the past few months I've been talking with clients about the recovery in our San Diego housing market....and how things are getting better in a lot of other areas like Arizona...Well, the mainstream media has finally picked up the only took them four months...that's pretty good!!...

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