If you are the type of agent that sends a monthly or quarterly newsletter, what do you include in the newsletter itself? If you don't send a monthly newsletter, maybe we can help!Here are a few items you need to create the best newsletter:1. A good subject lineWHY would they read your email in th...
Did you miss Zurple's LIVE webinar about the 2019 Consumer Timeline? Now is your chance to watch the replay! You'd be surprised at some of the information that some agents might not be aware of. For example...when you get an online lead, how long do you think it takes them to turn into a transact...
If you haven't filed your taxes yet, you have one week from today to do so! And to ensure you don't miss a deductible expense, we have created this real estate tax deductions checlist for you to use as you review last year's expenses! Click below to download://  
Spring time is near! And it is the perfect time to get those curbs ready for the selling season! Here are a few landscaping tips that you can give your home sellers to help their homes sell faster.Landscaping Tips for an Easier Sell1. Ensure the improvements are easy to maintain for the future ho...
Hey Active Rain! Let's have a little fun while learning something new: how millennials talk. We would not recommend using these examples, millennials also appreciate authenticity and can tell when you're straight up frontin. So with that said.. Here are 10 Millennial Slang Terms and How to Use Th...
The way big online companies make their money from their user base is through advertising! You can watch YouTube for free. You can use Facebook for free. Twitter is free too! The way those platforms can sustain themselves is by offering companies advertisment opportunities to reach their userbase...
Hi Active Rain! I recently came across this article about a Canadian real estate agent that plays Pokemon Go, and uses it to build his database of clientele: And as weird as it sounds to use Pokemon to gene...

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