So - have you ever dealt with an agent that was less than easy to work with? How do you usually deal with it? We've seen a few different approaches to deal with uncooperative agents:Kill them with kindnessLeading by example is a great way to address any disputes. The energy you put into the world...
"I like real estate because I can set my own schedule and don't have to work 40 hours a week" - SAID NO ONE EVER! We at Zurple realize being a real estate agent is a tough job, and we are here to try to ease some of that work load for you. We created this free Facebook Posting Calendar to help yo...
Some of us have the life-ending handwriting of a medical professional. Does it make sense to learn calligraphy to impress a real estate client? Well --- my handwriting could use some work, but here is me writing this post by hand:If you can't read that, I don't blame you. The 3 options you have f...
Interesting news! Creative commons just launched a site called CC Search. It's similar to google images, except there are no copyrights attached to the images. Most of them are within public domain or under a creative commons license. Creative Commons licences usually entail attribution to an ima...
So I was at a networking event the other day, and one of the booths was giving out USB sticks with their information on it. Other booths gave away freebies that I would eventually consume or toss - paper flyers (that I didn't end up reading), candy, pencils, coupons, etc. The USB stick was unique...

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