With Halloween right around the corner we have compiled a list of scary movies that are vaguely about real estate. We sure hope that these films don't represent your day-to-day. This might be a good opportunity to relax (or not) this weekend, and enjoy a bowl of popcorn while (somewhat) keeping y...
Search engine optimization isn't a shortcut, but it is a good way to gradually climb up the rankings of the search engines and be better found. It is also vital in knowing some good keywords when creating content for social media, blogs, emails, and video content. So below, we have compiled a lis...
Let's get to it. Here are 4 compelling reasons a real estate lead would reply to an email.1. The Email is Personalized"John, why haven't you called back?" is an example of an email subject line that a lead is likely to open. Calling back on a conversation you had, and ending with an open-ended qu...
A common question asked by real estate agents is: What should I bring when I go door knocking? The answer differs from agent to agent, but typically these items are what we would recommend.1. Your Business CardBecause they'll need your contact information to call you back when they decide to sell...

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