The audacity of those sellers! They can't expect to their home quickly or for the price they want if they are making one of these 6 mistakes. You know what they need to do, which is why they hire you as a real estate agent. You have the experience to advise them on the best practices for selling ...
2020 is just around the corner! Get started with your content marketing strategy EARLY by writing your blog posts NOW, and then scheduling them throughout the year. This will give you ample time to spend with your loved ones, while not stressing out about the new year. You'll definitely want to r...
Email marketing is one aspect of your marketing that has been constant through the rapidly changing times as a real estate agent. We've gone from fax machines, to websites, to social media - but email marketing has always remained a permanent staple to a real estate agent's marketing strategy. We...
Many real estate agents try to avoid contacting expired listings if they don't have to. To them it feels like they are annoying the property owner. Chances are those owners are getting calls from tons of agents trying to sell themselves of their service. So - how do you contact expired listings w...

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