CRM platforms change from provider to provider. The needs of a solo agent also are different than the needs of a team. When choosing a CRM for a small team, you will want to choose one that will allow all agents associated to combine your skills, manage relationships, and streamline the sale proc...
It’s the beginning of Q3 and you likely have a few leads left in your pipeline. Many buyers are likely caught up with summer plans and have not officially began their home search. Sellers know it’s a hot market, but they too are likely taking advantage of the summer months too. Don’t miss out on ...
  Zurple has countless free marketing materials for real estate agents in our Agent Success Center. For everything from listing presentation templates to marketing flyers, we’ve got you covered. Access our free database here: 
Are disposable shoe covers insulting? We say it depends on the situation. Make the following considerations below to see if medical shoe covers would be appropriate for your client's listing. It might be okay to require shoe covers if: It's raining, snowing, or muddy outside. The listing has bran...
This FREE lead-closing tool will help you accomplish the following with your seller leads: Identify the best course of action for unresponsive seller leads Show you how to move your seller leads from welcome email to open house Provide you with steps to prepare your sellers for open house success...
With such a competitive market place for real estate agents, how do you stand out? Zurple has you covered. We put together 5 FREE lead closing tools for you to help you book appointments and close deals. The tools can be found here. 
Continuing real estate agent success is what Zurple is all about. In that interest, we created A Seller’s Guide to Home Improvement for you, the Active Rain audience. This lead closing infographic will help you:  Stay top-of-mind with your seller leads Stand out from your competition Help your se...
Zurple would like to wish the ActiveRain community a Happy Memorial day. Today we honor all those who passed while serving. We salute you today and everyday.  "But in a large sense we cannot dedicate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrat...
Are you using Facebook to its fullest potential for all of your real estate needs? Many agents have never used the graph feature to find qualified leads in their target market. In this free download we'll show you how to start using this feature.This free guide will teach you: How to use the grap...
Do you serve a market with many different neighborhood styles? Do you have a difficult time narrowing down a few neighborhoods for you and your lead to search. It may be difficult to get the conversation rolling with those soft spoken, newly relocated, or first time home buyer leads. Have leads t...

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