It's the second day of our 12-day Holiday Giveaway. If you have not taken a vacation, we are glad you are still here. It's not too late to send out holiday cards, even if it is through digital platforms like e-mail or social media.  So Zurple has put together a few cards that you can customize wi...
Happy Holidays Active Rain! Here at Zurple, we are going to be celebrating the holidays for the next 12 days by giving away free real estate downloads that you can utilize for your real estate business! For today's free download, we are sharing a guide to attract new leads to you for the new year...
It's almost gift giving season! Let us steer you in the right direction by educating you on a few bad decisions! Do you hate referrals? Do you not like repeat business in general?Here are some really bad gift ideas to give your customers:1. Cat Urine DetectorEmpowering your clients with the abili...
We hope you all are able to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Have a great extended weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Are you worried about your real estate leads NOT opening your emails? Or have you given up on email marketing because you aren't seeing a return? We have some advice for you!Here is How to Get People to Open Your Emails1. Personalize the EmailHave you ever gotten an email from Amazon, Walmart, or...
Colder weather shouldn't mean that your leads should go cold too. Keep your leads warm, by engaging them with these free infographics. 1. An Infographic to Provide Your Sellers Insight  Posting this will intrigue your sellers' curiosity. Bonus points for being able to add your photo and contact i...
We really love creating content for real estate agents to help them build their audience and generate leads. So Zurple has created a new one! This one is titled:"5 Simple Solutions for 5 Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes"Yeah, it's a long title, but it explains exactly what it is! If you woul...
So you decided that taking photos yourself was not a good idea, and hire a photographer. The day comes, and it's raining...what do you do?Well you have a few things to consider. Clouds can really difuse the harsh sunlight making for really good interior shots. Clouds can also make listing photos ...
It might be tough, but do you think it is possible for new real estate agents to be successful WITHOUT social media? You've probably heard the statistic about millennials being the largest group of home buyers now...and most of them are using Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat...or maybe even all t...
Hey Active Rain! We have created a strategy guide to get you ready for 2019. Specific items we look into are: Your current marketing channels Your current lead generation channels Paid Advertising Calculating how many leads you need for 2019 to reach your income goals We will also be hosting a FR...

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