Remember "back in the day" when the family would be gathered for dinner, and you would hear the doorbell ring...everybody would get excited because there is a visitor at the door. Who could it be?! A friend, a relative, somebody stopping by. Nowadays, you hear a doorbell, and some people will be ...
Looking for fun content to post to your instagram account? Well we came up with a few ideas. If you don't want to post these exact images, feel free to take the ideas and create your own!Click here to download a full set of Social Media images!See below for some examples! 
These days it's harder and harder to make a case for traditonal print marketing. If you ask anybody "when was the last time you bought something because of a billboard?" they'll have to think a little before answering. If you ask the same person "when was the last time you bought something becaus...
So...who wears a name badge? There are plenty of good reasons to wear one. There also just as many reasons to not wear one. We came up with a list of reasons, but want to hear your input. Reasons to wear a name badge: It can start conversations It shows you are on the job and makes you easy to id...
Zurple has recently created an infoaphic to share with your real estate leads. Share it on Facebook to either incentivize your sellers to sell, or home owners to refinance their homes. Refinancing a home requires reasoning, and reasoning requires a licensed real estate agent.Sharing this infograp...
School is starting soon! How about sending your leads a friendly reminder, with some helpful tips? We have created a few postcards for you to either print out, or use on social media. See the samples below! You can scroll to the very bottom to download and personalize them. Post Card 1: Post Card...
Hey Active Rain! We have a few downloads to help you get ready for the final quarter of 2018. Feel free to download one, or download all. We hope you find them useful! 1. Royalty Free Images This is what it sounds like! You can pay for stock images, or you can download this resource for a few qua...
Hi Active Rain Community! Pacifico here. I am a member of the Zurple Marketing team, some of you may know me because I enjoyed your blog content so much that I reached out to you about featuring on Zurple's Agent Insights blog. This is the blog where we share articles written by members of the re...
Active Rain community! Here is a question to ponder:  Should real estate agents bring their children to showings? What do you think? There are plenty of postives and negatives to bringing your children. We feel like the real estate community is split on wether or not this is okay. What are your t...
Honesty is the best policy right? That should always be the case. However, when delivering upsetting news it must be done with grace and tact. You can't tell one of your real estate clients they are denied that loan because their credit score is offensively low, right? Of course not. Instead you'...

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