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Investing in commercial real estate can have many advantages if you do your homework and take steps to determine that you’re making a safe and profitable investment.Buying a commercial building instead of renting is a good option for many small business owners. However, it is also a complex under...
We spend 80% more time indoors than out of doors and indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental risks to public health. Improving your building’s indoor air quality has many benefits, from improving health and comfort to increasing productivity. Having your indoor air quality tested on ...
When it comes to your house, you want to hire professional services because they have the skills and expertise required to carry out tasks effectively. Professional services often do tasks that aren’t easy and can’t be done by just anyone.Knowledge and experienceProfessional services have the kno...
Garages are usually not as organized as other parts of the house. They can be very neglected and messy. This is somewhat understandable if you almost never spend your time here. Nevertheless, if you have a hobby that requires you to stay in your garage for long time periods, then it’s time you or...
There used to be a time when hackers would only target retailers. Nevertheless, since companies in virtually every industry have started conducting most of their business digitally, no one is now safe. Keep in mind that hackers prefer attacking small and medium-sized businesses, since they often ...
In most cases, when people first move out of their parents’ house, they aren’t really looking for a new home. They just want a place they could crash and watch TV. Unless they’re starting a family, most people don’t put in too much effort in improving the look of their living space during this pe...
Accounting is a vital part of business, especially when it comes to real estate. However, it's unfortunate that most real estate investors usually forget to incorporate accounting into their business, and eventually incur unforeseen losses. Most real estate investors get too caught up in the intr...
Devastating natural disasters can cause millions of dollars worth of damage. You never know when the next natural disaster will strike and it’s important to make sure you take steps to ensure that your home is protected. FloodsFlooding is the most common natural disaster and even a little bit of ...
In their 20s millennials might have been slower than other generations to buy their own homes but many of them are now in their 30s. Despite the talk that they are reluctant to make big purchases, a millennial study in 2018 found that about four in ten millennials (aged 21 to 34) already owned th...
One of the main reasons people buy property as an investment is to help secure their future. It is one of the best ways to allow your money to grow while you enjoy the benefits of a yearly rental income if you choose to rent your property.What to consider when investing in housingIf you’re consid...

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