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If you're underwater or behind on your mortgage payments, you might be able to get some help. The $2 billion Keep Your Home California program hopes to give relief to about 95,000 homeowners that are on the brink of foreclosure as well as provide moving assistance to around 6,500 families that do...
The laws surrounding tenant's rights are a little fuzzy when it comes to foreclosures and short sales. It can be really confusing trying to navigate what your rights are when the owner of the property you're renting is going through a sale of any kind. In the case of a tenant, a foreclosure is mo...
Since the new health care bill became law, there's been some worry that there would be a new tax on home sales for everyone. Not quite. Only a very small percentage of the population would have to pay any kind of extra tax on a profit made from the sale of their home. The law only applies to thos...
    Last night I was reading a interesting article from The Atlantic, in a nutshell it breaks the housing market into two separate markets, one which home values have plateaued and the other where they are still dropping. Markets that values are stabilizing tend to be knowledge-driven metros, tec...
You always hear that Facebook is a valuable advertising and networking site, but you don't always understand why or how. It's a bit of a maze, really, that takes some patience and understanding of how people react to different kinds of publications and messages. There's several tips you can use t...
In my local real estate market of Southern California, I've noticed a peculiar trend. The inventory of high end homes is at a stand-still and many of the homes on the market have steadily declining price tags. Homes costing more than a million dollars, are generally not moving right now, sitting ...
Fannie Mae is rolling out a new policy on mortgage fees that will jack up the cost of taking out a loan. Even if you've got a stellar credit score and a hefty down-payment, you could end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you would have last year. Based on your FICO score and LT...
Though they were once creating thriving new communities, places like the Inland Empire. San Bernardino, and Riverside may never see a recovery from the steep decline they've experienced. Though the causes of the decline may be different from places like Detroit and Cleveland, which were devastate...
In today's atmosphere of financial uncertainty and fear, beliefs about what constitues the "American Dream" have changed. In years past, the dream was to own a home. In fact, society was conditioned to believe that owning a home was a necessity to life. Following World War II, returning soldiers ...
According to some, now is the time to sell. Steve Harney, a housing industry consultant, is telling everyone that selling now will save you some regret later. He believes that the market will generate more competition in the coming months and that selling now will get you the best deal. Banks hav...

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