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Victoria Ray Henderson is Vice President & Associate Broker with Buyer's Edge Marshall Henderson is an experienced Exclusive Buyers Agent with Buyer's Edge Victoria & Marshall are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (naeba.org) licensed Realtors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC We specialize in Home Buyer representation focusing on property evaluation, negotiation and attentive service to our Buyer clients. We are quick to respond and always available to see properties of interest.
IKIGAIa Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". Everyone, according to Japanese culture, has an ikigai. Finding it is often a deep investigative search of self. Awesome is one of the most overused words in the English language. In fact, it's used so much that it now means cool or okay. ...
What Happens When Vinyl Siding Installation Goes Wrong? Turns out there is quite a bit that can go wrong if the vinyl siding is installed incorrectly.  In our case, the vinyl siding had been installed without house wrap which is a synthetic barrier that goes over the plywood and under the vinyl s...
Washington D.C is beautiful in Spring. With so many outdoor green spaces, parks and gardens, you can easily enjoy the great outdoors. The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land is a historical landmark in N.E. Washington D.C. Tucked into an urban neighborhood, the Franciscan Monastery opens their ...
 Smart home buying begins before you search for a home Wondering if it's time to buy a home? How does the process work? Where do you begin?  Check your credit score. Credit Karma might be a good place to start. Your credit score is an important part of the criteria lenders look at to see if you q...
Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.  Choosing a trustworthy agent and lender are critical to starting the process. You have to know that your buyer agent will advocate for your best interests throughout the entire process. Your lender should be local and should a...
Going to an Earth Day Clean-up & the #Earth Day March for Science? Join the crowds! It's another busy weekend in Washington D.C. The Earth Day rally begins at 100 a.m. this morning. People are gathering between 15th and 17th Streets NW. This area is between the Ellipse and the Washington monument...
Exclusive Buyer Agents represent buyers 100% of the timenever sellersExclusive Buyer Agents are fiduciaries of home buyers with no conflicts of interest and loyalty to the home buyer in every real estate transaction. Buyer agency is a real estate business model dedicated to buyer representation. ...
AERIAL YOGA increases blood flow to the brain & makes you laugh!Aerial yoga starts with you in a hammock made of parachute material. Large hooks, secured into the rafters, hold the hammock above the ground. The yoga teacher says the hammocks can hold 2000 pounds, so I knew I was safe. The teacher...
An Increase in the First Quarter of Home Sales in Maryland   In Maryland, average and median prices rose 6.2% and 6.8% as compared to March 2016. MAR's President, Shelly Murray says this is an indication of a healthy market.  Breaking down the statistics for March 2017: Homes for sale compared to...
Feng Shui your Homefor happiness, health & prosperityLast Thursday evening, Buyer's Edge hosted a feng shui party. Our guest, Jayme Barrett, author of the book, feng shui your life came from Santa Monica California to offer advice on how to improve our home environment.  Most people have heard of...

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