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Within the past week I’ve viewed a listing video and watched a Periscope broadcast from a listing; both had terrible production values and there was no reason for it.What are Production Values? In a nutshell, it is seeing or hearing something that should not be there. Can you see the boom mic at ...
 I listened to a panel discussion from Inman Connect SF 2015 this week via Periscope on ‘Using Video to Attract Buyers’. My Periscope connection could have been better so I missed the names of the 3 panelists. It was an interesting panel - each were using video but in different ways. They all wer...
You've just been emailed the link to the video of your listing. Now what? The reason agents who use video aren't getting their desired results is because they are not using it properly.  This is the second of a 2-part blog on How to Use Real Estate Video to Get the Results you Want. Click here to...
You now have a video of your listing! But, now what? The reason agents who use video aren’t getting their desired results is because they are not using them properly. This is the first of a 2-part blog on How To Use Your Real Estate Video and Get the Results you Want.   Spread the word!   Don’t k...
What do you do? Since our target audience is Realtors® and real estate professionals, most of you are probably saying ‘I’m a Realtor®’ or ‘I sell houses’ or ‘I’m a buyer’s agent’. But, this is very broad. Who is your exact target client? When you spend money on your advertising and marketing mate...
When most people hear the words ‘real estate video’ they generally think of a property listing video. But, did you know, this is only one of many uses for video in real estate? One of the most important, yet under-utilized, type of real estate video is the Introduction Video. This is ashort, usua...
January’s tip was to register your name as a domain name. Now that you have, hopefully, done that, it time to take your domain name and get your real estate website built. Although you can spend thousands on this, it’s not really necessary. All you really need for starters is something simple, pe...
You’re thinking about using video as part of your marketing and you have lots of questions. This is a weekly feature to help answer your real estate video questions. is our website. Americans are on the move.  According to USA Today, “In 2012, "domestic migration" was a...
What if I told you there is a real estate marketing tool that both buyers and sellers overwhelmingly (85%) say they want an agent to use? What if I told you the percentage of agents who use this tool is in the single digits? How would you feel if I told you that by using this tool it is 50x easie...
In his recent blog post for, Michael Litt, wrote about The 5 Steps to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy.  His blog, like a lot of articles, blogs and whitepapers that we read, is not specifically geared toward real estate or Realtors® so here is our, 4-step, version which is....

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