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Thank you for visiting our team's blog. We hope you find the various topics we write about useful! We love our hometown of Paducah and the surrounding areas.
     Have you ever wondered how Paducah, Kentucky got its name? Well, I was surprised when I first discovered about it during my research. It transcends what history has passed on to us, many generations down the line. And in order for us to understand how it came to be, we’ll have to do a little...
Just off the Gene Snyder Freeway near Middletown in Louisville, you'll find a great home-buyers' market called Lake Forest.  Sprawling across this end of Jefferson County from the borders of Shelbyville Road, Beckley Station, Old Henry Road, and Aiken Road,  Lake Forest to be a home waiting for y...
Another Louisville neighborhood in the high-end Prospect  area is Hunting Creek.  Built to accompany Hunting Creek Country Club,  this subdivision has the amenities every Louisville homeowner desires. First, the country club provides a terrific 18-hole golf course for families of Hunting Creek  t...
The city of Louisville is known worldwide for two main things: Kentucky Fried Chicken  and the Kentucky Derby, which takes place every year at Churchill Downs.  But the Derby isn't the only thing taking place there; No, indeed, Churchill Downs is home to some of Louisville's  finest entertainment...
Golf, swimming, tennis, block parties, and more. Why leave the comfort of your own street for entertainment when you can find it right where you live? Glenmary Country Club  is surrounded by a neighborhood that eliminates the need for its residents to look elsewhere for a night out. Glenmary neig...
Tired of the noise of city life? Ready to see the stars again but not ready to sacrifice fast access to the city where you work and shop? Looking for an upscale neighborhood just outside the city limits that you can call home? Beech Spring Farm  may just be the place for you. Located off Highway ...
Nestled near downtown Louisville, there is a neighborhood with the history, class, eccentricities, nature, and entertainment necessary to draw the attention of both Louisville visitors and Louisville home buyers. The Highlands, an area of Louisville centered on the streets surrounding Bardstown R...
Anchored a short fifteen minute drive from Louisville, the city of Anchorage offers an excellent place for Louisville residents to plant their lives. "Anchorage is a safe harbor: a twenty-year stay is common; fifty years is not uncommon." What makes this small comm...
Crescent Hill, a Louisville neighborhood, has truly stood the test of time. According to a Courier Journal article by Martha Elson, Crescent Hill began as a "self-sufficient community centered around church, library, home and school."   Over a hundred years later, the neighborhood still stands a...
Take a twenty-minute drive east down interstate 64 from Louisville to Shelbyville, and you'll find a quiet escape from city life. With a perfect commuting distance from the city, this small town provides the slower pace and peace of nature that many who work in the city desire. Other than its pro...

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