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Allowing the buyers to see how they can live in your home
Working on a project now where there is evidence of mice.   We all know that mice like to come into houses just to keep warm or to to enjoy the AC.  It really doesn't have a lot to do with cleanliness of the home owner.   I has to do with having a door way in.   My brother has a cabin up North th...
For a long time I've been looking for a Home inspector to join my Staging Team.   Stage-Show-Sell, LLC believes that when a house is  staged and looking its best for the market it should also be safe secure and ready to pass the home inspection.  That's why we have invited Glenn Loisel to join ou...
August garden brings delight. These plants show off a garden real well. Consider adding them to your garden now if you are planning on selling next year. Planning - staging ahead will pay off.These flowers are in my yard.  Click photo to see all of the blooms August Blooms
08/03/2011   Another project that has proved that staging helps sell the properties.   This one will close on Monday.
03/12/2011   Truly happy to say that we had another successful project go to the closing table.    
This is how the wall of a page that I'm administrating looks like. The status, photos, video   buttons has disappeared. Any suggestion?   The page stands alone and has nothing to do with my business facebook or FB page.
When I first noticed that my new phone camera could see exactly where I was taking the photo, I didn't think much about it. After seeing this video I just might turn that feature off (If I can) I have two facebook accounts and one is strictly for my family.  It's OK that they know where where I a...
This post was prompted by Today Featured Post  Realtors, Business Owners, Stagers, Title companies etc go to meetings to network and the learn.   At these meetings, yes, they are hoping to build relationships with others at these meetings. Building relationships is not stopping in the hall and ta...
I lost my day today.  It just disappeared. I didn't leave my house because it's too darn cold so I played on facebook.   Put my staging items away from last week. and the worst time killer was the most educational.  I played with my new Droid 2 global. Coolest phone that I've ever seen.   Pretty ...
Keep your family safe with these easy safety tips Every year there are many fires related to fire places. Make sure that your chimney is cleaned each year by a licences contractor.  Keep the fires in the fireplaces small, burning only one or two logs at a time. Wait for at least 24 hours before r...


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