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In the near term, expected rental hikes are expected.  Rental hikes will probably be seen over the next 2, 3 or even 4 years.  Potential Buyers, whom in the past could qualify for a home loan and home ownership, will no longer have availablity to those sub-prime mortgage packages formerly availab...
Are you tired of driving by For Sale Signs and looking at Newpaper ads?  Are you tired of watching other people get their dream home?  Well the time to let American Homes Real Estate help you get into that special home is now!  Just visit and preview the many quality ...
Repair all roof and plumbiong leaks.  Leaks can allow termits to survive above ground in a home.  Wood-to-soil contact around your home's foundation needs to be eliminated.  Prevent soil from toughing the siding of your home.  Always store firewood away from your home.  Use mesh screening on atti...
Improve your lifestyle and add value to your home!  There are many energy efficient improvments such as Updating/Remodeling your kitchen, with energy saving appliances.  Also consider replacing old windows and sliding glass doors.  Adding double pane windows is a big plus, as they reduce both hea...
As always, price is the main consideration and ranks as the number one factor in the process of selling a home.  Sellers need to work wlth an experienced and professional Realtor who will not only assist in setting a realistic value/price, but follow through knowledgeably with each and every step...
Want to get back that hour of sleep you lost in March....well be sure to turn back your clocks at 2 am this Sunday, November 4th.  (when daylight savings time ends and Standard time begins)  Better yet, just turnback the clocks upon retiring Saturday night.....and enjoy that extra hour of sleep! 
Located in beautiful Simi Valley, Calfornia, we are located at 4511 Alamo Street.  Experienced and dedicatd, we serve clients within the Ventura and Los Angeles counties.  We offer home sellers Full Services for only a 1% listing fee.  We invite both Sellers and Buyers to visit us at:  www.simiva...
Buyers in position to purchase a home are getting some great buys within in the home sales market today.  Although no one knows the day-in, day-out expectations for the current market, more and more home buyers are making offers on homes they were unable to purchase just a year or so ago.  With f...
Many Sellers in today's market are insisting on listing their homes at a higher price than the home warrants....especially when their home is being compared to other homes within their imediate area/city.  This often leads to a home that does not sell, not only frustrating the Sellers, but costin...
Our company's attitude and systems provide each and every Seller a proper and informed approach to getting their home sold.  Massive marketing as well as Full Service is delivered at American Homes Real Estate.....all for only a 1% listing fee.  Sellers need and want to receive every dollar they ...

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