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Learn how to buy affordable health insurance and employee benefits without an agent. Use our tips and online tools to buy health insurance, term life insurance and annuities
In an effort to build your real estate brokerage network, hiring key people is important. Licensed agents have plenty of options when it comes to hanging their license, so how do you differentiate your firm from the pack? Do you Pay better than your competition? Is your firm "unique"? Do you offe...
Aetna, a national provider of health insurance plans withdrew its request to raise prices for individual policyholders in California by an average of 19% after discovering a flaw in its rate filing with state regulators, according to the California Department of Insurance. The errors include inc...
Why is my association health insurance plan so expensive? You may have already received a sizable premium increase notice and you are confused about what options are available to you. A frequent question that I receive is "Why is my Association Health Plan so Expensive?" Whether you work with a ...
Delta Dental remains the most requested Dental plan, however most individuals are limited to participating in the Delta DMO plan (specific dentists). In order to see your own dentist, you will need to have a Delta PPO or Delta Premier program. These plans are usually only available to groups (10...
Democratic lawmakers decided on a new 3.8 percent tax on the net investment income of high-income persons. But the claim that this would amount to a $15,200 tax on the sale of a typical $400,000 home is false. Individuals with incomes over $200,000 a year ($250,000 for married couples filing join...
The IRS has determined that the change in inflation was not significant enough to warrant adjustments to the 2011 Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions. Those with single coverage may contribute up to $3050 for 2011. Those with family coverage are eligible to contribute $6150 and the catch u...
As many of you know, buying E & O insurance can be expensive, especially in California. Association Benefit Marketing now offers Professional Liability coverage offered by Genstar, a Berkshire Hathaway company. Rates for $1,000,000 of coverage costs only $1315 per year. For more information visit...
What is consult A Doctor?The American Medical Association indicates that 60-70% of all non emergency doctor office visits could be handled by phone, saving the patient both time and money. Consult A Doctor provides individuals access to a licensed and highly credentialed U.S. Doctor 24 hours a da...
Often we hear from individuals that think that they are receiving "deep discounts" when it comes to buying health insurance through their association. The fact is "you don't". A small business owner could buy the identical plan on the street and usually for less money.The truth of the matter is t...
As a Real Estate investor you may have thought that owning and renting houses was your the only answer to creating an income stream. In today's economy many Real Estate professionals are replacing their rental properties to guaranteed investment options, such as fixed annuities. Those that seek h...

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