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Imagine driving home on the interstate today and you are hit by a large Beer Truck. Your car rolls over into the ditch and you are pronounced dead.  How much would you want your loved one's to sue for? One hundred thousand, a million, twenty million?? During the trial, a team of legal experts wil...
Personal Disability Income Insurance can assist you to maintain your life at home - mortgage payments, groceries, utilities and auto payments. How would your business survive without you?If you become disabiled, your business will still incur expenses. Rent or mortgage payments, Staff salaries, u...
After a feature article in the Los Angeles Times, Blue Cross of California announced today that they will no longer ask doctors for help in discovering pre-existing medical conditions that patients might have omitted from their coverage applications. This decision was made after the newspaper pub...
A frequent question that I receive is "Why is my Association Group Plan so expensive?"Whether you work for a local or national association, trade union or other affiliated professional organization, you need to read your insurance policy carefully. Many plans are not true group plans, but rather ...
The Los Angeles times reported today that Blue Cross of California is sending doctors letters asking them to report pre-existing medical conditions that patients might have omitted from health insurance applications. The California Medical Association (CMA) have asked state regulators to get invo...
Life insurance industry statistics tell us that at the age of 35 you are 10 times more likely to be disabled from an illness or injury than you are to die from it.How will you pay the bills? The mortgage payments, cars, living expenses, college, etc etc? The answer is Paycheck insurance, formally...
Are you having difficulty maintaining your life insurance premiums, or plan to lapse your policy coverage?  Maybe you simply do want or need coverage. Perhaps you are considering buying a smaller life insurance policy.There is a growing market whereby large financial institutions will purchase yo...
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are on the rise again. More companies are also allowing their employees to participate in HSA's. To understand HSA's and how they work, we recommend reviewing that information online.  The purpose of this article is to explain what you can do with the money in your H...
Many individuals are still not sure whether or not they can deduct all or part of their Long Term Care (LTC) premiums. This summary is for the income tax treatment of Long Term Care policies for 2008. This information is for educational purposes and you should always consult your trusted adviser,...
Starting April 1st 2008, Blue Cross of California will be doing business as Anthem Blue Cross. Anthem will showcase their status as the nation's largest health benefits company.Look for the Anthem brand (with the Blue Cross Logo)to deliver new a new product portfolio, including Medical, Dental, V...

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