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I recently decided I wanted to try promoting my Google+ page.  I believe it is done through AdWords.  The interesting thing I saw was that it does not seem that you can promote your business outside of 40 miles of your business location.  Has anyone else noticed this or found another way to do it...
Recently we had the opportunity to add a few more private homes to our vacation rental program at Waikoloa Beach Resort.  With the recent additions we feel we have something for everyone looking for a luxury home. Our 3 bedroom house we just got is known to be one of the nicest homes at Kolea and...
We just recently had the opportunity to add the  most luxurious private home at Waikoloa Beach Resort to our vacation rental program.  This 4 bedroom smart home is not only spectacular on the interior, but also offers magnificent ocean views on an oceanfront setting. The interior offers over 4500...
Recently I was having a discussion with a collegue relating to travel agents.  I have worked in the hospitality business in hotels and vacations rentals for over ten years.  I have come to a realization that if you choose to pay travel agents you are obviously giving a portion of your income and ...
Over the course of the last few months I have been reading articles about how the "social network" affects rankings throughout the search engines.  While google seems to be giving more weight to their own network, Google+, they are beginning to give weight to Facebook.  I believe over time they m...
We recently had the opportunity to take a vacation and go on the Disney Dream Bahamas cruise out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Since I am in the hospitality/vacation industry, I like to give credit when it is due to other companies. I had read several other reviews and did have some concerns going ...
While my hat goes off to the Miami Heat and LeBron James for winning this years NBA Finals, the 2012 NBA Finals will always have an asterick by it for me as being the most lopsided officiated NBA Finals I have ever seen.  Not being a fan of either team, after Game 2 I felt as though the Oklahoma ...
With property management being a hot topic in Hawaii of late, it is ironic that our core continuing education classes relate to property management. This legislative session a few ideas were thrown around in several different bills relating to the issues Hawaii is having with tax evasion and abse...
I just had a video make of Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort where the majority of our vacation rentals are. Check it out and let me know what you think. Have you done video? How did it effect your SEO and conversion?
I recently completed two of my business pages on Facebook and Google+ and compared them.  I wanted to get your feedback on what you thought about the two platforms. Simplicity to Build- Google+While both of them were fairly straight forward to build, I found the Google+ page slightly easier to bu...

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