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Hawaii experienced its second tsunami warning in about a year. It was interesting to see how google reported the information this year as opposed to last year. Last year when the tsunami warning came about I searched terms such as hawaii tsunami warning to see what was going on.  The first result...
Google always seems to be up to something, which is good.  Just recently I noticed something new that they have in Beta.  It is Results from People in your Social Circle.  After researching it seems as though it has been something coming for a long time.  Basically what google is doing is showing...
I just recently wrote an ActiveRain blog about a recent video I had made.  After I had the video made I tried to implement it into my site and had to do several searches to find the code I was looking for to do what I wanted to do. While I was searching I found an article about "Blackhat Video Te...
I just recently had a photographer come out to do some shoots of properties I manage at Kolea at Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii. I knew what he could do as far as stills of the interiors go, but he also did videos. He shot a video of the pool and surrounding areas with his camera (not a vid...
Over the years I have tried submitting articles through various portals in hopes that it would help my SEO.  From what I have seen it has not helped it that much, but it has helped my branding.  I feel like the good articles I publish get picked up by numerous great sources such as google news, b...
Setting up Google Analytics is one of the first things you should do when you set up your web site.  Although you may not use it immediately, it is great to have it in place.  It takes about two years to get great data to help you with conversion.  Once you have all the data of your traffic you c...
Just recently I noticed that google seems to be giving a lot of weight to blogs than they used to.  Specifically you may notice that you are ranking a lot higher for your tags than you ever did before.  Prior to this month I could never find my tags in the searches.  This month I find many of the...
Just recently I noticed that rather than google putting their Google Local results in the middle of the first page of the search they have taken the local information and put it below that sites info in the results. I think this is a great change for google.  It allows all of a sites results to b...
Throughout the years of doing SEO on my vacation rental site I have searched google millions of times looking for sites to get links from, what sites are having success with, etc. and it always has seemed to me that google was very conissitent in its ranking factors.  Just recently Google started...
I am sure you have heard the saying from SEO companies "We can get you to cover the entire first page of google for your search terms".  For the longest time it really was not possible and I had not seen it at all.  If you dominated a search term you got a double listing with the first having aut...

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I own a vacation rental business at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will enjoy information about Waikoloa, industry news, as well as info on my vacation rentals and company. Since owning Waikoloa Vacation Rentals I also got into the online marketing aspect of the business. From time to time I will blog about industry news and information related to online marketing.