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I have been a member of ActiveRain for a few years and have really enjoyed the community.  As the years have passed, more and more people have gotten obsessed with the point system, which if I am not mistaken has no benefit to you for anything.  As first it was probably implemented as a way to "r...
I just recently noticed one of my posts on the activerain state page, which you can view at http://activerain.com/states/HI.  I was curious how it got on there.  If it is selected, comes from a feed, etc.  Let me know your thoughts.Thanks!
Not long ago you could go out and purchase a couple of solid links and see yourself move up the list for terms you are going after and find yourself on page one in no time.  Now it seems as though the web is more competitive and google gives less value to links as a whole.  That leaves you in the...
Kolea 9J is the most recent addition to our vacation rental program.  We have had a lot of success with our other two bedroom ocean view vacation rental at Kolea, Kolea 14M, and hope to have the same success with 9J. Just steps away from this two bedroom penthouse is the Kolea Beach Club with dir...
Guest blogging has become a very popular way to build your web presence.  It is something that has been proven to be beneficial to both parties. The owner of the blog site gets added content, which has become a very powerful tool in search engine rankings.  They also get exposure to guest blogger...
We just added four villas at Kolea to our vacation rental program this July.  We are really excited about the selection because they are each very unique and offer different locations within Kolea. Kolea 9J is a two bedroom villa that was just recently purchased.  9J offers a nice corridor ocean ...
Just recently we acquired Kolea 4E, which is one of the most desireable villas at Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort.  It is situated at the end of the "front row" of Kolea just behind a vacant lot giving it one of the most private settings at Kolea.  It is also one of the few front row villas that p...
I have heard of some people in the real estate business having great success with using craigslist and driving traffic to their site.  I was curious if you have had the same success and if you have to forward me a link to an ad layout that has been successfull.  There seems to be several differen...
After a strong first quarter of 2010, April was the first month in 2010 that showed decreasing revenues as apposed to 2009.  There was a 4% decrease in reservations and a 6% decrease in revenue.  Although the report was not great from some states, it was good for Hawaii and Texas.  Hawaii vacatio...
Last week I wrote a post on Three Tips to a Great SEO Campaign.  I did not get much feedback, but hopefully some of you found it useful.  This week I wanted to touch on googles page rank. For pretty much the past year it has become more known that googles page rank is really useless when it comes...

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