Do you connect with out of state or international clients?If yes, do you have a toll free telephone number to make doing business with you easy?How many times have you seen an interesting product, but passed because they didn’t have a local or toll free telephone number?Don't let this happen to y...
As we look for some great ideas to boost our posts, we came across this blog by the lovely "Anita Clarke" Check out this blog, you will be glad you did.Cheers!Milan Using Co-Promote to Reach More Consumers I shared information about a site called Co-Promote a few months ago and have circled back ...
Like the popular saying, the devil is in the details. When remodeling a kitchen, all the small details can either transform your kitchen into a disaster or a unique masterpiece. The two most common kitchen design mistakes made by homeowners are; selecting too many beautiful design finishes and as...
1. Pray: Spend the first 30 minutes of your morning.2. Visualize: Review your dreams and goals daily. 3. Listen To Faith Message: It builds you up for the day and could make you more proactive. A few faith messages could be by pastor Joel Osteen or Rick Warren etc.4. Read: 10 - 20 minutes per day...
Kitchen backsplash usually functions as a focal point or complements a kitchen design, hence its often referred to as kitchen jewelery. To select a kitchen backsplash with a wow factor, a few important key factors need to be considered. For example: your design style, color preference, material t...
          Book LaunchWe will be launching our original book "What Not To Renovate" by Milan BloomsWhen: Tomorrow Wednesday April 6, 2016 Pre-release Time: 1pm - 3pm ET. (Only)Pre-release  50% off  + Bonus Gifts Ebook: Regular $17.98    |    Sale $8.99Hardcover: Regular $34.99   |   Sale $17.49To ...

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