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An effect of a long and cold winter is invariably the rising cost of energy. Energy bills get hit with a double whammy in a cold winter. First, homes use more energy for heating purposes because of the cold and because we are home more often and secondly the cost of the energy we use goes up beca...
The housing market is heating up, yet many house hunters are not prepared to take on the biggest purchases of their lives. When it comes to home loans, homebuyers answered basic questions about terms, how to choose a lender and financing wrong nearly one-third of the time, according to an April s...
  It is hard to look at the bright side of a very cold winter which seems to have interrupted the economic recovery and kept most of the nation indoors for much of the winter. Cold winters also increase the price we pay for energy and this winter has been no exception. So where is the bright side...
  We have just started a new year and that means just about every economist has made their predictions for the year. One consensus of predictions for 2014 has been for higher interest rates. It makes sense–as the economy recovers interest rates will continue rising from record lows. Keep in mind ...
  The Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, which was signed  into law in July 2010, forever changed the housing market landscape. Designed to restore consumer confidence in the housing industry, the law has created strict regulatory mandates, the impact of which are being felt by both mortgage len...
The purchase of a home is the goal of the vast majority of Americans.  That is why home ownership is often referred to as “The American Dream of Home Ownership.”   Almost two-thirds of Americans have taken advantage of the tax benefits, government programs and the economic benefits of owning to b...

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