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I know..I know.. working with investors and wholesalers is not everyones cup of tea but I have and will if it's a good deal for my client. Having said that after two days of dealing with a wholesaler it's tempting to change my policy. How many lies can one person tell or should I say how many tru...
I am seeing more and more homes going up in our area as well. I welcome the building but not the long build times. I am not seeing a 9 month wait here yet. The Crazy Days are Back, New Construction Stretches Out Labor Shortages Causing Longer Lead Times Today I worked with a customer contracting ...
I know there are two sides to every story but today has been one of those days where agents working for the banks have complained, lectured and refused to submit an offer for me. They appear to be angry at the amount of work they are having to do to submit offers. Well sorry but someone wrote tha...
I am finding vacant properties all over the place that are not listed as of yet. I have a buyer that wants to make an offer on a Fannie Mae property that is just sitting there. Does anyone have any idea who I would contact, or is it a lost cause? I want to help my client. This is not the first ti...

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Selling Cherokee County GA and Metro Atlanta.