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I have been a Blackberry user for years now. But, I am afraid I will have to bite the bullet and change to a Android type of phone. I was out with a customer the other day showing property. We were trying to get a handle on the survey lines. He pulled out his Droid phone and within nano seconds h...
Real Estate Closing Costs Often not thought about buy consumers is closing costs. Closing costs when purchasing property can add up to a lot of money. Many people think that they are going to float a loan for a house or something and that there will be the loan of course, a down payment and that'...
Robo-Signers, you know those people that the banks and different institutions had in the back room rubber stamping or signing off on foreclosures to the tune of 300 an hour. To my knowledge, there has been no settlement regarding these people. Homeowners have not been given due process and these ...
10/26/2011,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=cf32e4f2b91f4fa0&biw=1256&bih=509 By Laurie Segall @CNNMoneyTech October 26, 2011: 2:23 PM ET Here is an article...
0 Comments App now allows users to draw their own property search area By Inman News, Wednesday, October 19, 2011  Here is a new app for the IPhone which may be of value to you. Supposedly it allows you...
What ever happened to the good ole days when a search engine actually returned what you were looking for. Google does'nt use keywords anymore...I wonder why? Might have something to do with money...ya think? The search engines with pay per click have taken over something we value greatly in our c...
Just a few months ago, I went back up home and visited the relatives. While staying there they had a fire that was caused by a clogged dryer vent. Everything was ok. Fortunately they had a fire extinguisher and the situation was caught quickly and put out. An inspection of the "vertical" dryer ve...
Ever have troubles measuring something precisely? Let's say you are measuring using a tape measure and you need to measure from the floor to the ceiling. When you run the tape up to the corner of the ceiling there will be a bend in it. Now you are standing there looking up at the tape measure and...
0 Comments Here is a great new product coming out for homeowners. Can be used by Realtors as a gift. It fills small holes and cracks in drywall etc. It is convientient easy no fuss or muss. Thought you would like to know...Wayne
1 Comments Here is a nice little article about SEO written by Katherine Tarbox in Realtor Mag. There are so many things you can do related to SEO. But I thought that these were good basic ones often over looked. Such as your...


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