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As a society we need to have better manners.  About an hour ago I overheard one of our customer service people take a call (happen to be on speaker phone).  This person was yelling at the customer service rep over an order. Being a customer does not give someone the right to yell at a customer se...
There is an interesting statistic from baseball.  69 of the Colorado Rockies 90 wins this season can be directly traced to "homegrown" talent.  That is to say talent that has been drafted or came through the minor league farm teams associated with the Rockies.The Rockies had experienced the PAIN ...
If you have read my blog lately you would have known that I have been out-of-town for the last several days.  This gives me a chance to think and read a little more than I already do.  One of the advantages of being out-of-town is listening to local radio and learning a new angle on issues from a...
Was listening to a radio program and heard something that I thought I would pass along.  The conversation was on insomnia ... and a comment was made by one of the hosts that went something like this ...  "The act of doing something right makes you sleep at night!"Doing something right and positiv...
During my Business Planning class I discuss getting back to basics and contacting past clients and sphere.  During my lecture I discuss the importance of keeping in touch ... here is my example:Clients buy and sell ever 5 yearsAgents make 3% per sideAverage Home price is $400,000Your client purch...
I had a friend and colleague over last night for dinner and the conversation got into the foreclosure market etc.  At which point I said ... NAR has an opportunity here.Let me explain ... Whether you agree with this or not many REALTORS made a lot of money during this past boom.  NAR keeps the co...
I think I have convinced myself that MANY real estate agents love the idea of being organized and having a plan to approach their business and treat it like a business ... but they will not act upon the idea.I finished my first of several business planning lectures of the season, and although I g...
Although the "to-do" list of activities (besides golf) is not my style, I will have to admit that Branson, Missouri is really beautiful.  I am not a fan of the music nor other acts, but if you need a place to relax and unwind I have your Midwest destination.  I am staying at Chateau on the Lake a...
Day 1 - Actually brought me to Kansas City were I did two sessions for a favorite client of mine.I had actually done some business planning training sessions for this group in January 2006.  Several of the 40 people that attended had seen me back in January 2006 ... 22 months ago.  How things hav...
The first time I ever went to Branson Missouri was for a state convention back in the fall of 1998 ... at that point I thought that Branson was where country singers went to sing their last song ... I was wrong.  Some of the pretty country you will ever see.Well I am going back to Branson to cond...

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Thoughts and Commentary on Education, Training, Economics, Professionalism, Productivity and other things real estate oriented.,