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Since I seem to get more comments on jokes than maybe I should just post more jokes.My mother actually told this one to me.Husband calls wife and says, "You are 54 years old and don't do it for me.  Although I love you, I am taking my 18 year old teaching assistant and going to the Oxford Hotel, ...
It is coming to the end of the year ... for many that means parties and time to visit family ... although I do that too I also visit with many clients about their own personal review.  Yes you should do a personal review of your business at the end of the year ... not at tax time.Step One - Re-ex...
How to deal with today's youth.I took my brother to the mall the other day to do a little shopping. Wedecided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenagersitting next to him. The teenager had spiked hair in all differentcolors:green, red, orange, and blue.My brother kept...
As much as it reads like a "brown-nosing" blog, it is not.  Lately I have found myself searching ActiveRain for more and more resources.  Staging, Neighborhood Expertise, Economics, Community Issues etc.  Bloggers are potential business relationships and more importantly a great place to seek new...
You would be surprised at who is going to hard money lenders for loans.  Hard money loans were once considered the lender of last resort, but with the sub-prime market gone where else does a strapped borrower go?Hard money loans do not come from banks ... they come from private venture groups tha...
According to a December 3, 2007 Article many builders are selling land once worth billions for 40-60% of book value.  Recently Lennar Corporations sold 11,000 home sites to a venture mostly owned by Morgan Stanley.  The sale of these lots valued at $1.3 billion as of September 30, 2007, $525 mill...
If you follow the mortgage industry this is actually pretty big news:-----The Bank of England cut its key interest rate by a quarter percentage point to 5.5%, its first rate reduction in two years, as credit conditions tighten.----Many loan our tided to LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offer Rate) it is ...
According to a article published in the Wall Street Journal 61% of sub-prime loans were issued to borrowers with credit scores above 620 (the threshold for a conventional loan).  And combing through the data even more revealed that many of these borrowers had scores above 700.  Much of this can b...
During lunch today we had a very interesting conversation about the housing market.  Here are some key observations:1) In some areas on the country (Orange County, San Francisco, New York) the ability to purchase a home without some creative financing is next to impossible during this last run up...
27 cents on the dollar is what ETRADE sold their sub-prime mortgage backed security portfolio for.  That means the value of these securities had dropped 83 percent ... the article written in the Wall Street Journal did not say what the mix of the sub-prime loans were or if these loans were origin...

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Thoughts and Commentary on Education, Training, Economics, Professionalism, Productivity and other things real estate oriented.,