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I can't remember the World Series ever going to November, but Congratulations to the Giants and their Fans! Altho I'm a long time Cardinal Fan, I'm glad to see 2 teams in it that usually don't make it!  This was the first time for the Rangers and over 50 years since the Giants have won!   Even wh...
Here'a A really well written post by Inna Hardison.  We can all benefit by taking a hard look at how the public views us and the "Brand" that we put out there! It seems one can’t attend a seminar or read a marketing newsletter nowadays without being told that the most important thing you can do i...
Great article from Dave Halpern!This is a little known fact and an alarming truth. There is a natural tendency to flee the house ahead of the foreclosure storm. However, vacating the house may invalidate the seller’s eligibility to have the shortfall on their debt wiped out forever. OK, so what d...
This is a very good article I found by Marte Cliff!  I always advise my buyers to find a veteran saavy agent who is going to really work in your best interest!  If you haven't found such an agent, then you haven't been looking long enough!  In St. Louis, Mo and surrounding areas you can always ca...
  A very informative post from Carra Riley!    Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home. As a Real Estate consultant, my job is to help a seller select a Real Estate agent who blends with the personality and the needs of the owner.  We are all different.  We all process informa...
Good advice from Christine DonovanWhy Are Hyper Local Posts So Important?   There have been discussions that have come up before about why doing hyper local posts is important, especially when Bob incentivizes everybody.   However, it's said the proof is in the pudding, and I believe we can see t...
Too funny to pass up!  Thanks to Wayne for a good laugh and tips to improve?1. Introduction to Common Household Objects I: The Mop 2. Introduction to Common Household Objects II: The Sponge 3. Dressing Up: Beyond the Funeral and the Wedding 4. Refrigerator Forensics: Identifying and Removing the ...
I can smell the BBQ cooking at my daughter's house!  It's great when your kids are finally grown, now we get to pass the chores of the holidays to them!   I have spent most of the weekend working on a rental house I need to sell and now we are heading to Illinois to visit the grandikids and let o...
I am reblogging this great post from Bob Stewart.  I would encourage agents / brokers to click on the original post for some of the best comments I have seen, I plan to check back on it myself.  Good reading!Catherine, a consumer in Raleigh asked about hiring a real estate agent to sell her home....
A great idea from Todd Clark! As one of the top bloggers on Activerain and even before I was one of the top bloggers there is something that I’ve always used my blog for and that is to get my clients more services for a discounted price or free! How, do you ask? Simple, I use my leverage and Goog...

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