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Everyone wants the best deal they can - on a home, on a car, even on a gallon of milk. But, did you know that by waiting for the 'bottom to drop out' of the market you can actually be doing more damage to your financial life then you think you're bettering it? Here's why: Interest rates are on th...
Now is not just a great time for first time home buyers to purchase a new home. It is also a wonderful time for people looking to move out of their first home and into something a little more 'roomy' (pun slightly intended). Approximately 50% of the home buyers out there today are first time home...
Congratulations Bob on selling another home in less then 2 weeks. The beautiful home was only on the market 12 days - slightly more then Webster Teams' average of 10.5 days - and sold just slightly below list price. Another great reason to have Webster Team on your side when selling your home. 
As a home buyer you want to find the perfect home for you and your family. Home staging can make a home very inviting to buyers and get them swept up in the thought of living there - it helps to draw the eye to the focal point of every room to draw out the beautiful features of a home. Staging is...
In case you haven't already guessed homes are more affordable then ever. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is clamoring to purchase right now. A family earning the national median income of $53,182 is able to purchase about 75% of the homes on the market today. Want to know mo...


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