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Where we discuss pros and cons of urban living in Phoenix, Arizona. We don't pull any punches as we want you to know what's really happening in the loft and high rise condo market.
We reported previously that Optima Development had acquired the Orchid Tree apartment building at the south east corner of 68th Street and Camelback with the intention of razing it and building a mixed use condo development, presumably similar to Optima Biltmore Towers and/or Optima Camelview Vil...
Joseph Lee commented on a post I wrote two weeks ago, Why is Real Estate Inventory Down...Sales!, that I thought was worth sharing further.  He wrote: "Not all cities are created equal: 2008 (12/17) 2009 (12/17)All counties 56,434 88,478Phoenix 12,285 24,346Scottsdale 4,309 5,459Paradise Valley 1...
You asked for it so we went out and got it.  Short term rentals that is.  In the past we turned away many people who needed help finding cool condos in downtown Phoenix because there flat out wasn't anything available, until now.  We now have access to VERY nice furnished one and two bedroom high...
Talk to Phoenix high rise developers trying to hawk their goods and they'll tell you their prices make all the sense in the world.  If so, how come no one's buying?  Sure the market is slow and its harder to get loans today but some people are buying but not at the brand new condominiums in midto...
It is clear that the condo market here in the valley is at or near the bottom and while many have suffered, others will make huge gains in the near future.  It is unknown how much Wells and Arsenault will market the remaining units at, or even if they plan to market them now for sale.  Many other...
This is a We Know Urban Realty exclusive opportunity (meaning no other realtor has access to it yet). This one bedroom plus loft (or two bedroom depending on how you use it) is top notch. Its super clean, heavily upgraded and located just a half mile from Mill Avenue in the very popular Brownston...
It is our opinion that there are great deals out there for those who know where to look AND who meet certain other criteria.  If interest rates do go up, and I strongly believe they will, then you might want to take advantage of today's low rates, take advantage of the many sellers who really do ...
I got an anonymous and somewhat derogatory email from a person who was pretty indignant about my previous blog post.  One of his or her many points was "In my entire career, I've never seen a real estate firm post a "negative" about a building. The article states that removing the lock boxes will...
We're not posting all the details on the web but if you are looking for a live/work town home in Scottsdale then call us right away.  There are a handful of 3 story, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3,000+ square foot town homes zoned for both light commercial and residential use located minutes from downt...
A "short sale" occurs when an Owner of a property has to sell it for less money than is owed to the Lender(s). It is sold "short" of the amount that is owed. Quite often the Owner of the property is experiencing financial difficulties and no longer making the mortgage payment and elects to sell t...


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