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Where we discuss pros and cons of urban living in Phoenix, Arizona. We don't pull any punches as we want you to know what's really happening in the loft and high rise condo market.
We are real estate agents who specialize in cool architecture like High Rise Condos, Lofts, Brownstones, Row Houses and more. No matter what your needs, do not hire an agent who only dabbles in condos. In today's market you must hire an agent who specializes in the urban high rise and loft real e...
just came across something that is NOT a scam but is potentially misleading and in my opinion NOT in the consumers best interest. I received a letter in the mail from my mortgage lender, National City Mortgage, inviting me to sign up for its "bi-weekly" mortgage payment program which would save m...
Tempe - The City of Tempe reports having the best quarter for building activity ever for the fiscal year.  This is mostly due to the new permits drawn for student housing and other construction projects along Apache Boulevard. This week WeKnowUrban added a new link on its Tempe page that shows al...
I've been intrigued by the popularity of the light rail. Recently thirteen of us boarded a train at about 10:00 am and rode it to various high rise and loft condo buildings along the route.  During the three plus hours we toured we got on and off the train four times.  And I kid you not every sin...
We just took a detailed look at Home Owner Association fees at all Phoenix high rise condo buildings for the last five years.   For the most part you will see a gradual increase in the older established buildings while increases were somewhat extreme in the newer buildings.  A cynic might believe...
I heard recently that historically Americans pay 26% more to own property than to rent it.  As I didn't know whether this was true or not I did a little digging and found a site called www.economicpolicyjournal.com with the following: "After two years of rapid home-price depreciation, the relatio...
You asked for it so we went out and got it.  Short term rentals that is.  In the past we turned away many people who needed help finding cool condos in downtown Phoenix because there flat out wasn't anything available, until now.  We now have access to VERY nice furnished one and two bedroom high...
I want to buy now but I'm afraid that prices may go down further and I don't want to miss a better deal later.  What should I do? Answer:  You're not the only one.  Many prospective buyers are "sitting on the fence" and not buying now for this very reason.  But, more and more people are pulling t...
I am hearing more and more stories from renters of high rise condos and lofts who are getting cheated out of rents and deposits when their "landlord" stops paying the mortgage and the bank forecloses.  These poor folks sometimes have to move in a matter of days or weeks.  Talk about disruption! I...
I have read in the recent past that some properties had been built using contaminated sheet rock manufactured in China.  But I had not heard or read that any of this bad sheet rock made it to Phoenix.  This article suggests that some of the contaminated product did make it to the Valley.  The art...


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