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Where we discuss pros and cons of urban living in Phoenix, Arizona. We don't pull any punches as we want you to know what's really happening in the loft and high rise condo market.
We first reported the problem a two weeks ago as it related to a deal we were working at The Vale Lofts in Tempe.   Fannie Mae used to underwrite conventional loans in condo communities if 51% of the condos were either already sold or under contract with legitimate buyers.  The new rules increase...
Ok I know that there is still tons of bad news out there and plenty of reasons to believe it but here are a few things that MIGHT indicate that the real estate market is starting to firm up in Phoenix. 1.  A mortgage lender friend of mine says that April will be his best month since 2005. 2.  I w...
MSNBC recently reported that, "Most demographic and market indicators suggest that growth and development across the country are moving away from the suburban and exurban fringe and toward center-cities and close-in suburbs." The article goes on to report that the reason behind the shift is multi...
We just learned about a steep price cut on high rise condo rentals in downtown Phoenix.  Condos ranging in size from one bedroom with one and a half bathrooms to two bedroom with a den and two bedrooms and priced as low as $1300 per month in an "A-Cabin" building walking distance from everything ...
June 20, 2009 - 11:31 pm
Despite the slowdown in the national housing market, condominiums remain a popular option among home buyers. But they're also at the heart one of one of the biggest misperceptions surrounding FHA loans. There are some strings and limits, but make no mistake - you can obtain FHA financing to help ...
The developer of Century Plaza finally filed for bankruptcy; no big surprise...except that it took so long to happen.  So what's likely to happen next?  In our opinion the value of the note just went down.  AZCentral.com reported that M&I Bank, the construction lender, claims that the building is...
Hire We Know Urban Realty and rent your high rise, loft, or urban condo fast. Put the power of the WeKnowUrban.com website to work for you. With 5,000 visitors every week and one hundred twenty rental inquiries every month we are THE agents to rent out your urban property right away. In 2009 alon...
For years residents at Summit at Copper Square have had to turn a deaf ear to train horns blowing night and day just to the south of the high rise. Even though the street intersecting the tracks is very lightly used, Federal regulations required that the train conductors blow their horns as they ...
October 5, 2009 - 8:39 pm This is a We Know Urban Realty exclusive opportunity (meaning no other realtor has access to it yet). This one bedroom plus loft (or two bedroom depending on how you use it) is top notch. Its super clean, heavily upgraded and located just a half mile from Mill Avenue in ...


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