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Where we discuss pros and cons of urban living in Phoenix, Arizona. We don't pull any punches as we want you to know what's really happening in the loft and high rise condo market.
I want to buy now but I'm afraid that prices may go down further and I don't want to miss a better deal later.  What should I do? Answer:  You're not the only one.  Many prospective buyers are "sitting on the fence" and not buying now for this very reason.  But, more and more people are pulling t...
WeKnowUrban.com is committed to providing a high rise and loft condominium lifestyle for everyone; including renters! And NOW is the time to rent something spectacular. Investors stormed the high rise and loft condo market three years ago buying up everything they could find. Now, those same inve...
Coming Soon - The purpose of our 'Coming Soon' section is let people know about urban high rise and loft communities that are in the planning stages. Please know that many of these will not be built and we have in fact cut about thirty projects from our site. During the boom of 2004 and 2005 it s...
North Phoenix Condos - North Phoenix is not an area that one would normally attribute with having an urban lifestyle but lofts and high rise condos are gaining popularity in the north Valley. From the new mixed use development called City North up by Desert Ridge to the very popular high rises co...
Midtown Phoenix / Downtown Phoenix Condos - The midtown and downtown areas of Phoenix may not be as dramatic as the Biltmore area but they certainly have a lot to offer and will have so much more once the light rail is complete. Many people argue that the light rail will not make a change to the ...
Camelback Corridor Condos - The Camelback Corridor to us runs from approximately 44th Street, west along Camelback Road, to about 12th Street. It also runs north and south from Camelback Road from about Bethany Home Road to about Osborn or so. Some of the condo communities to the right do not fit...
For decades high rise condos in Phoenix were rare. In fact until 1990 there were only four high rise condo buildings in the entire Valley, all located in the Phoenix Midtown area. And those four towers, constructed in the 1950's and 1960's, were built as rental apartments and only later converted...
Developers of Tempe lofts, high rise and other tempe condos were quick to recognize the many benefits of Tempe. First and foremost, Tempe is small and landlocked so it has to grow up and not out like other Valley cities. All the major vertical cities of the world have finite boundaries and almost...
If you are interested in buying a short sale or bank owned REO then use the links to the upper right to find some properties that catch your interest then give us a call. We not only know the scoop of what's going on at most of the buildings (yes there are some bad buildings out there) but we als...
REO or bank owned properties. In these cases the bank has already foreclosed on the previous owner and now holds title to the property. Just as importantly the bank has a very good understanding of what the REAL value of the property is. In most cases the bank just wants to sell the property and ...


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