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  Despite generously acknowledging that my crystal ball is cracked, I cannot help but try to look forward and come up with a few predictions. This year my crystal ball is not only cracked, it is showing signs of disintegrating!  However, I'm going to give it a try and hope that I'm not so off the...
The last few weeks have seen the State of Rhode Island and much of southeastern Connecticut devastated by flooding.  The damage to infrastructure, businesses, and homes has been unprecendented. Here is some helpful information for Southern RI business owners: The RI Dept of Labor & Training and t...
As part of the Making Homes Affordable program (HAMP), the new Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA) goes into effect April 5th.  The National Association of Realtors has the summary of this at www.realtor.org/shortsales.  Under the new program, if a borrower meets the eligibili...
I'm gazing into the crystal ball and all is murky.  Despite decades of experience in real estate, I cannot tell you how it will be this year. Never before has there been as much legislative interference in the real estate market.  Homebuyer tax credit.  Treasury buying mortgage backed securities....
It's that time again...the time to make plans, make resolutions and otherwise try to tidy up one's life.  Every year it comes around (with increasing speed!)...and this year, especially, I feel like I have whiplash, it has gone by so quickly.   Last year, I promised to do things differently than ...
Without apparent warning, the holiday season comes barreling down on us.  We are always keeping our eyes on the details of our transactions and our clients...time passes sometimes slowly (when waiting for that last detail to fall in place) or so rapidly (when we are under a deadline) that it is a...
I meet people all the time who ask me the question, "What's my home worth?"   My favorite answer is, "It depends."  We all know the definitions:  market value is the estimated price at which an informed buyer will buy in an arm's length transaction; assessed value is the value upon which taxes ar...
  Build your Dream Team first!  Buying a home is a team effort.  Start talking with real estate agents and pick the one that you are comfortable with.  Be sure that they really hear what you need and are knowledgeable about the market.  You will also need to identify a mortgage person, an attorne...
There are all sorts of ideas about getting your house ready to sell, but the first thing any seller needs to do is decide they are going to sell...not just try to sell it.  The difference in attitude is crucial to getting ready to sell your house. Once the decision to sell is made, your home now ...
Every time I talk with a customer about Buyer Agency, they always ask "Am I going to have to pay the commission?" My short answer is, you already will be. Who brings the money to the transaction when a house is purchased?  The buyer does.  Unbeknownst to the buyer, the seller has entered into a l...

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