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I've talked to a buyer on the phone or exchanged e-mails and we are about to meet for the first time...it feels a lot like a blind date!  They have the edge, though, because they've seen my picture and I don't have a clue what they look like!  "We'll be the ones driving the silver mini-van", the...
I've been in real estate for over 30 years.  I've seen markets soar and sour.  I've seen interest rates so high that you would think you were charging your house to a credit card.  I've seen government programs come and go with varying degrees of success. Yesterday I had to look up a monthly mort...
Before buying a home, there are a few things that you can do to get organized and ready.  Here's a list (though I'm sure more could be added). 1.  Decide you want to own a home.  Remember that owning a home costs more than the mortgage payment.  Repairs, maintenance and general upkeep add up.  No...
For the last year, the one part of the market that has done fairly well is the entry level...or first time homebuyers.  Remarkably, most pundits do not make the connection between the lowering of the median price in the market and the fact that the bottom is doing fairly well while the mid range ...
There is no ONE thing that you can do to sell a home today, but there is a synergy created by doing a number of things to ready a home for sale.  Commit to sell.  I know that seems self-evident, but oftentimes it isn't.  Many people decide to sell their home, but they haven't actually emotionally...
  It's always amazed me when summer homes are taken off the market during the winter.  In my experience, the really committed buyers of summer homes are looking all winter to find that perfect summer getaway before the summer starts.  My sales of summer homes, all began trudging through the snow...
The Westerly Real Estate Market Report The Good, the Bad and Reality The Year 2008 In Review  The events of 2008 may live in memory for generations to come. Looking back we understand that the first headlines posing the question "When will the real estate bubble burst?" were just the first faint ...
Earlier this month I hazarded some predictions about the future of the real estate market.  Time to hazard some predictions about mortgage rates. Right now, rates are low, very low historically and the best advice to give anyone looking to purchase in the near future is get going and let the rate...
Like many other Americans, I was enthralled by the inaugural speech today and delighted we have at our country's helm someone who understands the importance of confidence.  Thank you, President Obama, for ushering in a new era where drama, fear mongering and deception have no place. The housing i...

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