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Recently an article came out in one of the e-mailed real estate publications with the headline "housing markets will roar back in 2009".  Now, I'm a glass half full kind of person, but even Pollyanna herself would have had trouble buying into that level of optimism.  The article based the assumpt...
Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet with an earnest young couple who, upon reading a book on how to accumulate wealth in real estate, wanted to know what properties would be available to "lock and reassign".  They said that phrase quite a few times and were seriously wondering what they could ti...
  The internet seduced us with more information than we dreamed was possible!  We were able to peek at our neighbor's house, see what they paid for it, check it out by satellite...see who was swimming in the pool and what cars were parked there.  We can calculate the distance to the nearest publi...
At the beginning of 2008, no one predicted that the national economy would be what everyone was talking about.  No one predicted high unemployment, massive job losses and panic...yes, it went beyond fear to panic in some parts of the country.  No one predicted the budget shortfalls and the major...
 What difference does it make to a resident of New England that there's a blizzard in Montana?  More to the point, what difference does it make to a resident of New England if the national news is full of disaster stories about the national real estate statistics?  The answer is not much...except...

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