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Do you have a property that has a bee problem? Before your buy or sell a property with a bee problem you need to read this!   When bees are entering and exiting from a roof-line, wall, fence, water meter box or any other enclosure You Have a Hive.  What this means is you have honey, bees, larvae,...
We recently got a call to remove a bee hive from a tree.  It was about 1 year old.  The homeowner was called about the hive because the neighbor's gardener was stung once and the neighbor demanded the hive be removed.   We set up an appointment to see the hive and possibly remove them alive.  A l...
We save bees takes pride in providing the best service in The United States.  We have the lowest call back rate (bees back to the same or other locations), we have the highest success rate of the bees serviving (relocation to a bee farm), and the best customer service (no way to prove it, but we ...
Did you know that bee extermination is a profitable business that is designed to make your or your customer's bee problem worse?  It is true....   They expect you to have another bee hive show up so that they can charge you to kill another hive.  Each hive that is killed, and honey left inside of...
Did you know that each home is California will get a bee hive every 20 years?  Well, that is the average at least. Having education about bees and bee removal will give you and your clients the best chance to have the problem solved the first time.  If it is not done right the first time the cost...
Live Bee Removal is the Best Bee Removal.   The honey must be removed no matter what.  If the honey is not removed you will get more bees, other insects, rodents and potentially sructureal damage.  See Here Here are questions YOU MUST ask your potential bee company We save bees specializes in sav...
During the winter holiday months it is important that your hard earned money is spent wisely.  Please take a few moments to learn about Bee Removal and why it needs to be done correctly the first time. We Save Bees specializes in Solving Your Bee Problems.  It would be unfortunate to waist your m...
It is important to understand that Orange County CA has a lot of wild honey bee hives that inhabit residential and commercial structures.  It is common to think that these wild hives can not be saved, the bees are unsafe, it is easier to kill them and no problems will arise from killing them. We ...
It is not common for the real estate community to deal with or even know about bee removal.  We get calls at least once a week from someone that is buying, selling or fixing a house that has a bee hive.  The common statement is 'I didn't know that was an issue, i have never even heard of it...'. ...
It is important that when you search for a Bee Removal company that you find one that is honey, affordable and the best in the USA at it.  We Save Bees specializes in 100% live bee removal, relocations and repairs.  We save more bees than anyone in the county due to our overwhelming success rate ...

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