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These blog posts are things I have experienced or learned as a home inspector in Ocean County NJ.
  From routine maintenance, to detecting conditions that could signify the need for major repairs, there are many simple steps your seller can take ahead of time to prepare their home for a professional home inspection. In addition, on the day of the inspection, attention to a few details can go ...
Yes you need to protect your a/c condensor compressor unit (outdoor section) from dogs.  Mans best friend is an air conditioners worst enemy.  We all know dogs lift their legs and urinate on things to mark their territory.  What most of us don't know is that the urine is acidic and very harmful ...
To Avoid The Parkway South bottle neck at Exit 80.Get off exit 80.  Stay in the left lane of the exit, to the stop sign.Make a left on to Double Trouble Rd.  Follow Double Trouble Rd about 3 miles and get back on Parkway south at exit 77.  You will save approximately 10 to 15 minutes during heavy...
This is a very dangerous thing, yet it happens all the time.  I think it is time for a discussion on the matter.Every once in a while I'll get a phone call from a person asking for details or an explanation about things in a report.  After a few minutes into the conversation I'll figure out that ...
Now is the perfect time to tackle spring cleaning projects around the house. Here are some reminders to help make this year's spring cleaning safe, healthy, and easy: > Choose non- or low-toxic cleaning products whenever possible.> Alternatively, household staples such as vinegar, lemon juice and...
One of the things you must learn when doing home inspections is to keep a good poker face for your client.  After all, it is what it is.  Very few defects found or reported on at a home inspeciton are not repairable, and most are.  Over the years I think I have gotten pretty good at keeping my po...
It ends March 31st.  Our annual winter contest.  You can win $5,000.00 for a local charity of your choice as a grand prize.  Imagine the local publicity you can recieve.  We are also giving away Vidoe Ipods.  No strings attached.  We will not spam you. Cilck here to enter.
This blog is my opinion as a consumer. As staging becomes more popular, I am hearing more and more about it and it makes sense.I enter a lot of different houses, see many different kinds of houses, and notice many real estate signs, listings and advertisements.Many Realtors will encourage a home ...
I do a lot of inspections of waterfront bulkheade properties.  I see bulkheaders making repairs and building new bulkheads all the time.  The houses ar quite close together so most of the excavation has to be done from a  barge.  I always wondered how they got the barge to the house.  I was lucky...

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