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Today's topic is one that property owners, buyers and agents give little attention until a major issue occurs or escrow has closed, "Main Sewer Line Condition"...Ever wonder why you rarely have a main line sewer issue until maybe the holidays when you have 20 people at your house? It's not becaus...
It's that time of year again for one of the best monthly events in Orange County, "Yappie Hour" at the Ritz Carlton. Held one Thursday per month from May through December this event has turned into an Orange County Gold Coast favorite. May's event was attended by approximately 150 Dogs and 225 Ow...
For those of you who haven't visited Dana Point during the Tall Ships Festival you're missing out on quite a treat. Fun for the entire family including great weather, excellent food, boat rides on some historic replica vessels manned by theme attired crew. There are normally around a dozen or so ...
What is faulty flat work elevation? Why do you care? You've heard of faulty grade elevation and or wood to soil contact but flat work? Flat work is any paved or covered surface resting on grade, ie; concrete, brick, stone, asphalt pavers, etc.. Unlike open grade needing 4" deflection or separatio...
Thinking about adding a roof top deck to take advantage of your amazing top side view? Let's think about some basic safety issues regarding same. What's wrong with this picture? We must not only consider proper guard and safety railings at a stairwell accessing a deck, what about once we've gaine...
Doesn't seem possible that our housing industry might be in better shape than Europe or Asia but that maybe the case. China is facing an implosion on a grand scale of their housing industry bubble. Investors had been driving their market up at 20% to 30% per year since 2008. With a Euro zone rece...
So today's post isn't about the entire central air system but rather focused on a common issue that pops up with horizontal attic mounted units equipped with air conditioning. Since we have an attic mounted unit, we know it has to be a split system with the condensing unit or heat pump located at...
So! The Owner tells me he's got new landscaping at his commercial property and he's so exited. It looks great, the tenants love it and then "Progressive Inspection Service" shows up. My first question is, "Was this installed by a licensed landscape contractor", Owner's answer, "Why does that matt...
You bet! I've been wondering why I seem to have fewer inspection orders from FSBO buyers, (btw, I don't mind as they are normally problematic).  New industry figures show that 89% of all residential transactions were performed with help or assistance from a Realtor.  That's a substantial increase...
Boy, do we need to spread the word about this poor construction/landscape practice or what.  After almost 27 years of inspecting properties I'm still amazed at how frequently I find faulty grade and or flat work elevations with buried stucco weep screeds and or siding material.  Let's keep this s...

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