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The New Navarre Fishing Pier is Nearing Completion The nice thing about my office being on the beach is I can take a break and see what is going on. Today I took my camera and took a picture of The new pier. It's Tuesday and I have already had a busy week I worked with really nice family we foun...
    When a good deal isn't Just because a house is less expensive than it was last year does not mean it is a good deal. Run the number will you be house poor. How long do you think you will live there? Do you know the hidden cost of owning a home? Really do your homework before you start shoppin...
Are You Waiting For Lightning To Strike? If your home is over priced You are. Your are wondering what is he talking about? If you have over priced your home there a small chance that someone could come along and pay you what you are asking. They will have to pay all cash or the difference to make...
It seemed like a good idea at the Time.This house is over by my Mothers house and she had to see it so one day my wife, mom and dad went to check it out. The guy who built this house was building his dream house. He put everything he could dream of in this house but went broke along the way. The...
Guess what the new trend in new homes will be from the east. It will impact a lot of the newer homes and one that will most likely be in a short sale. It is  great Chinese dry wall. In some cases the whole house dry wall will need to be replaced. So what else does that mean? Law suits and complic...
You won't believe the sweetheart deal that the Indymac boys were given by the FDIC. now you will know why we are in so much trouble.
The New social media outlet is googles new BUZZ seems pretty neat so far was able to connect easier with people in my network. it is work a try I wonder if apple will give it any space as an app in the itunes store. Will Active Rain work with it? will there be a group on AR buzzing about it. chec...
Compared to most writers on Active Rain, (for writing skills),  I rate at the bottom of the rain barrel.
That doesn't mean my message is not  a good one. I grew up in the food business and that is where I learned about customer service.  The customer may not always be right,  but it is my job to ...
According to Deutsche bank predicts that 50% of all mortgages will be underwater by 2011. Yes there was a small up tick of prices in November. Can anyone say $8000 check from Government. Is now a good time to buy Yes and no but mostly Know. Know what your situation is, can you afford to purchase ...
home valuation sites and location   Home Valuation sites, I like them all. I was getting ready to use a word that I hate to hear and try no to say "but". Some of the times they do not have a clue. Where we live in North West Florida the house across the street can be worth 2 to 5 times more valua...

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