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The thoughts and ramblings of Walter Hayes on real estate as well as local state and federal issues and politics.
Sometimes when I'm in a Board of Alderman meeting here in Carl Junction it seems that we've likely done the best we could when all sides of an issue leave mad because we didn't do things the way they wanted. This whole week has been kind of that way. I posted what I thought was an interesting car...
Saw this on Facebook this morning. The video is part of series apparently put out by Harding University at the start of the Cold War warning about the dangers of "isms". Too bad we've swung so far the other way. Way too many have drunk from the bottle and seem to like the taste. See for yourself.
"Remember you are not a tree, that can stand alone, you are only a branch, and it is only while you abide in Him, as a branch, that you will fourish." - Robert M. McCheyne 1813 - 1843 Too often we forget that we as Christians were merely grafted in and not a replacement for Israel, God's chosen p...
684 South M Highway Asbury, MO 64832 MLS #: 116548 $175,000 3 bedrooms 2.50 bath 3 acres just 10 minutes from down town Pittsburg feels like your out on the open prairie. The house is immaculate with new carpet in the living room, laminate in the dining room and tile in the kitchen. Plenty of ro...
Annual Statistics Report for Joplin Missouri as compiled by the Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors®   New Listings Sold Listings Pending Listings Avg. Sell Price List to Sell Ratio New to Solds Gap Failed to Close 2002 922 947 8  $  85,264.21 96.29% -25   2003 930 907 649  $  92,333.72 96.64% ...
Alright Joplin Globe, I've had about enough of the kool-aide drinking Gene Lyons and his supposed educated insights into what's right with the Democrats and what's wrong with everyone else. His latest tyrade is about how the peers of Michael Mann concluded that he hadn't manufactured global warmi...
This is an amazing story by an absolutely amazing and talented individual.A friend shared this video with us today and after a difficult day this lifted our spirits and we wanted to share it with all of you. Amazing Grace is Lee's favorite song and it was one of the first songs our son, Brandon, ...
This 4th of July could not be a better time to look at and be aware of just what's in the Constitution.With all the talk about the Constitution, and whether it is being adhered to by this administration, I started considering how many of us really know what is in it.  I know we spout off about ou...
Thanks John! This is great video and very appropriate for this weekend.Now this is THE WAY to FLY the AMERICAN FLAG!  I saw this video several months ago. I found it inspirational then and it still leaves me awestruck. It appears judging from the number of views that this video is not well known....
I needed to find something patriotic to do in concerts for the Southern Gospel Group I'm with. I got to hunting around and found something that John Wayne recorded back in the seventies. It does a pretty good job of summing it up.  I don't know who the actual author as I don't think it was Wayne....

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