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I lived in Alaska when I was a kid and after a good snow fall several of us would gather and have the person with the largest boots walk across a yard piled high with fresh snow. The rest of us would try to follow in their foot steps. We could usually get several across before anyone could tell a...
Whether we like it or not, I think this economy is going to challenge us to be more active in helping our family, friends, and those in need. That is not a bad thing, it will help bring us all closer together. We as a country have pushed to far to the, me first and forget the rest. I'm not pickin...
"Networking on the web" is getting crazy. First I signed up for Active Rain. After I did that, I found out I should be signed up on Linkedin, then Facebook, and now Twitter! WOW! Where does it end? I remember when Instant Messaging was a stretch. I liked yelling into the next room, asking for my ...
Sometimes you have to fight to get your point across, just like Columbus did to get the money to back his voyage. I'm sure people thought he was crazy. It's alright to be a little crazy, if you have a dream and a plan. Are you doing memorable things with your life? Rick Huffman
I know that this quote is really telling us that accomplishments will make us happy. I do agree with that except, you also need some of what I call "brain dead" time. I love comedies, and we have a movie at home called Rate Race. I have watched that movie at least a dozen times! Every time I watc...
You can buy and listen to all the CD's, attend all the seminars, and read as many books as you want, but if you don't ever try what you have learned your time will have been wasted. Knowledge is powerful when it is used to help others. I would also set up a partner to practice what you have learn...
They are not talking about bragging here. They're telling you, that you get what you ask of yourself. Are you asking yourself the right questions? 1. Are the tasks I'm performing producing results? 2. Are the people I'm talking with have the same goals and dreams? 3. Have I been considerate of ot...
I was on Youtube last night and pulled up Jim Rohn to get some of his insight. What else do you do at midnight? If you don't know who Jim is, he is one of the original, motivational speakers. He talked about four things that will encourage change. 1. Disgust: You must be totally disgusted with yo...
                                    Our daughter has a friend (BFF) that has been a part of her life since she was 3 years old.  Strangely, they didn't hit it off right away, but as time has progressed, they have become fast friends.  Now that they are older and have some what separate lives, the...
When I was young, we lived by a large field filled with Blackberry bushes. Now, if you have ever been poked by one, you know how much it hurts. A buddy came over one day with a pair of gardening clippers and asked if I wanted to build a fort. I said "Sure, but what are you doing with the clipper...

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