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It has often been said "When it rains, it pours." Challenges come to us in many ways. The real art is to be able to take the tough situation and get it turned around fast. We are all going to have bad days. We can't let that cloud our vision of what needs to be accomplished. The in between times ...
I can't imagine the amount of pressure Sir Winston Churchill was under during WWII. His country was in ruins and yet he made the statement above. WOW! Sometimes we have to fail to find out who we really are and what we are made of. Sir Winston Churchill held strong and his people sought comfort i...
Think of all the time and frustration we could save by learning from others. This is why having the right mentor is so important. Many years ago, I was given the responsibility of taking out a young man, who had just started in sales, for a week to teach him the basics of selling. When we were do...
Is it common to have the system sign you off every time you try to put in a new blog. Am I doing something wrong or is this common? It is starting to really bug me that I can't just do a simple function. That is why I'm asking if it is me or do they have lots of problems keeping the system going?
It's your vision for the future that will determine whether you see things in a good or a bad light. I choose to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and only see the good in all of them, even thought I will be spending two hours with them in the car each way to my cousin's house! I just...
What is a hero? A hero is someone who instinctively acts in a positive manner to aid in a difficult situation, and individual who sets their mind on accomplishing something that others thought was impossible. They were so focused on the end result that they weren't afraid how they would get there...
When I first discovered this quotation by Elbert Hubbard, I was immediately drawn to the impact of what it said, How often have we had an idea and dismissed it thinking it was impossible to achieve, but shortly thereafter, someone made a good profit by implementing the very idea we dismissed. Ide...
Isn't the name of that institution the "School of Hard Knocks"! We will never stop learning from life's adventures. Once you think you have mastered a subject, the class is over. The good news is that the more courses you take, the better you become at dealing with life's next challenge.
I know it's hard to stay focused in this economic environment, but the only way to turn this monster around is if each of us actually produces the full 95% out of ourselves. Don't worry about what others aren't doing, focus on what you can do! So let's get out and take down this monster!
This week, when we moved our offices, I had to pack my desk and I didn't think that it would be such a big chore. I don't know how many times I said to myself "That's where that went!" or "I can't believe it took that many boxes for four little drawers!" I have to say cleaning out my desk does ma...

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