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Hi AllI was trolling through the AR posts mere moments ago and came upon apprentice Kelly Kilpatrick's (RSM Lifesyles.com) post "Project Blogger, An Insider's Perspective"  In it, she talks about her experience thus far with Project Blogger and her reaction to another post Blogger Idol, Where's S...
Hi All,In the interest of fairness and to encourage participation, I have taken it upon myself to post the link here to vote for your Week Four audience favorite.  Now, I know some people may not believe this, but I don't care who wins each week, as long as the voting is FAIR, HONEST AND ABOVE BO...
Hi All,Well, yesterday was a good day, I spent most of it doing nothing and doing it nice and slow.  I have been advised by agents much more seasoned than I (I was going to say older and wiser but decided that was not the best way to put it) that I should start now to schedule one day a week wher...
Hi All,Well, currently there is a lot of talk about Project Blogger, judging and improvements that may or may not need to be made.  Since I am directly involved in this, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to express an opinion.  In the past four weeks since the start of the contest I know that I...
Hi All,Today I went to the Claremont Farmer's Market (Sunday's in the Village from 8 AM - 1 PM) and had the coolest experience.  Not only did I find beautiful flowers to take to a baby shower later today, but I also got recognized by one of our City Council Members for authoring Route66Living.com...
Hi All,Well, week four is almost gone so it is time for me to bring you all up to date on my exploits thus far.  Route66Living.com has been chugging merrily along.  I must say that I am very proud of how it is shaping up.  If it wasn't mine, I would still be reading it.  It has also been rising s...
Hi All,I headed to Border's tonight(one of my most favorite stores in the world) because I thought I was going to buy a book on Wordpress, but mostly because I had a coupon and I simply could not stand the idea that I could get 30% off of ANYTHING in the store and not take advantage of that.  I w...
Hi All,Well, I was debating with myself about whether or not I could allow a day to end without a post here on AR.  Clearly, I am unable to not post something despite the date stamps, I have managed to post every day since I arrived so...  Today was actually a relatively undistinguished day save ...
Hi All, Well, it was bound to happen.  I finally found myself smack dab in the middle of someone else's cross-hairs and they went gunning for me.  A while ago I wrote a post for my site Route66Living.com about new housing being planned in my community.  Today, I had a comment on my article accusi...
Hi All,Well, it truly has been a month of Sundays since my arrival here on Active Rain.  And what a month it has been!I officially found and joined Active Rain on March 30 and posted my very first blog in the wee, small hours on March 31.  Since that time a whole lot has happened to me... - I hav...

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