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Hi All,Wow!  That was a blast!  Kelly Kilpatrick was kind enough to let me know about the meet up that was slated for last evening (April 27) in Laguna Beach, given by Sellsisus.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend, but at close to the last minute, the stars aligned and I was so there.  I...
Hi All,Well, this is my very first opportunity to meet REAL LIVE BLOGGERS in person!  Attending this event are,Kaye Thomas from Manhattan Beach, Loren Nason who's link I haven't got yet, but I will put in at an edit, Laurie Manny from Long Beach, Dustin Luther from Rain City Guide & MOVE, Kelly K...
Hi All,Let me start by saying that I LOVE BEING A REALTOR!  I know they say that some folks see the profession ranking somewhere between Snake Oil Salesman and Used Car Dealer.  But, thus far I have seen none of that.  I have never felt so wanted, needed or valued in all of my professional life.N...
Hi All,I just looked over my posts from the previous few days and realized that although I gave a preliminary report of the goings on for week two I never fully wrapped up the week.  Now, if I don't close out week two properly, how can I ever get on to week three?So... To complete the week, here'...
Hi All,I spent most of today photographing a home for another agent's listing in preparation for use in a virtual tour.Since I am just learning how to use the program, and since I have not photographed too many homes, it helps them and is a good opportunity for me to practice.  Today, however was...
Hi All,Well, the Project Blogger contest officially kicked off two weeks ago today.  Can it really only have been two weeks ago?  It is hard to believe that so much has been done in so little time.  Between the 12 apprentices alone there have been hundred's of posts, thousands of comments and ten...
Hi All,Sometimes people do things that just chap my hide!  I recently did an open house and put signage out to direct passersby to my event.  On one corner another agent had already placed their sign.  So, I carefully put my sign next to theirs (both of our arrows were pointing in the same direct...
10.     Have no idea what your budget is.  By all means, don't talk to a lender before you start shopping.  Asking a lender to give you a clear picture of your finances and what you could comfortably afford is only for sissies.  9.      Lowball every offer.  Who cares what the home is worth or wh...
Hi All,I just posted a whole lot of brand new content at Route66Living.com.  So, if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by.  Oh and if you have a moment, please take a look at the contents under the Claremont Resources tab.  Let me know if you can think of any additional resources I should a...
Hi All,I just wanted to let you know that I will be hosting an Open House tomorrow, Sunday, April 22 from 1 - 4 PM 1270 West 7th Street in Upland (MLS #C719474).  The home is located near Mountain Avenue and Arrow Highway, very close to the Home Depot.If you are in the neighborhood, and are looki...

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