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Hi All,Well, let me preface this by saying that this is probably a mistake... a very big mistake... but, what the heck... here goes...I know who the players are in the Project Blogger contest and where to find most of their external blogs (some are still in the construction phase and have not rev...
Hi All,Well, the results for the first week of Project Blogger are in and Matt Heatonhas spoken!  While I am very pleased for the top five, great blogger's all, I am disappointed that I am not among them, especially since he mentions that he would have liked to see a local restaurant review from ...
Hi All,We are deep into week two of the Project Blogger contest and I, for one,  am still getting my sea legs.  This week has not been as filled with huge Revelations so much as it has been about lots and lots of little ones.  Thus far, I have learned how to use Google Analytics to find out what ...
Hi All,Today is a proud day for me.  A very proud day.  Today I received word that I would be included in Who's Who for Bridgeport.  I would be listed in the Honor Registry under the Distinguished Woman Realtor's and Broker's category.  Not bad for someone who has yet to have placed a client, any...
Hi All,Like everyone else around the country I have been following with dread and horror the events unfolding at Virginia Tech.  The most recent developments bring to the forefront the importance and value that todays communications methods embody.  Teri posted a request for blog silence on April...
Hi All,Today I went to a seminar and had a revelation!  The last time this happened I discovered Active Rain.  Today's has similar scope and applications.  The speaker was talking about career focus and I discovered that I have been a flashlight so far in my business.  By that I mean that my beam...
Hi All,Sunday marked the end of the first full week of Project Blogger's omnipresence in my life.  To say that things are different for me now would be the understatement of the century!  I have learned more in this one lone week about blogs, websites, the Internet and the people here on Active R...
Hi All,I had a very unique experience today.  I literally held history in the palm of my hand.  My Team Leader John (a really wonderful guy and a wealth of Real Estate knowledge) showed me a stone knife that was over 14,000 (yes, you read that right fourteen thousand) years old.  It was discovere...
Hi All,Well, the time has come to discuss the elephant in the room.  Yes, I have, in the past, gotten paid as a writer.  Yes, I enjoy writing and yes, I am "good" at it.  This happens to be a gift I was given, a talent I pursue and a skill I cultivate.  And I don't think that is a bad thing.  I a...
...Over at Route66Living.com.Hi All,Take a look and let me know what you think!Take care, help lots of people and have a wonderful day!Tisza

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