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Hi All,This post is short, not much to say, today has been a busy day. Balloons to make, a cake to bake and then a great long drive to take.  Ate some food, and sat a spell, then hit the road (but I feel like he**). Got to my door, quite late its true, but still had to sit and write for you.  I'm...
Hi All,This will be a short post for a couple of reasons... 1) Because I need to get some sleep sometime this week; and 2) Because I need to practice being brief.  An interesting comment came to me on one of my posts this week, Bob noted that I don't have a lot, or really any photos in my posts. ...
Hi All,Please take a moment to pop over to my site Route66Living.com and take a gander at the new test template or "skin".  We will be trying on others to see which one fits best.  Your feedback is critical.Thanks for looking!Take care, help lots of people and have a wonderful day!Tisza
Hi All,Day four is waning and I am still plugging away at the keyboard.  Tomorrow will mark the end of the first two weeks of my participation in the Active Rain community.  Can it only have been 14 short days ago when I first entered the blogosphere?  Where has the time gone?  Well, actually I k...
Hi All,I love days like today.  Today was a good day... I made the trip down to City Of Hope to do a Platelet donation.  I try to do these fairly regularly because I am healthy and very grateful for that to be true.  I also know how important it is to the people that are in need.  Platelet donati...
Hi All,Day three is in the bag and I am pooped!  The new skin was added to my site Route66Living.com for everyone's opinion.  The photo in the header is temporary and should be replaced tomorrow.  Today was my board's Caravan day and, as usual, I went.  I learned more about PTT or Personal Transf...
Hi All,Today is a bit of a rant, but hopefully you will indulge me, so here goes... Don't take no for an answer seems to be some peoples motto.  And, while that can be very good in some instances, it can also be very bad in others.  Take recruiting for instance.  At our board offices there is a "...
Hi All,The first new skin on my site Route66Living.com is up for viewing.  The photo that is currently on the site is a "stock" one that came with the template. It will be changed to better reflect the Claremont/Foothills area.  Also, since this site is a very public work in progress feedback is ...
Hi All,My second post on my brand new blog site has just hit the blogosphere.  Why do I say it did so mysteriously?  Because, I am still mystified that I HAVE a brand new blog site, Route66Living.com and that folks are visiting.Seriously, please take a moment to give it a glance.  I was asked by ...
Hi All,Day two has come and gone... A lot of good work has been done by all and midnight oil is rapidly outpacing crude in value.  Today was a banner one for me in many ways.  I not only attended a class (I told you folks that I do a lot of learning), walked 20 homes in my farm with the support o...

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