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Hi All,We all talked about it, wondered about it, heck some people even fantasized about it, but no one but me was actually there to witness it... The moment when, for the very first time in real life Kevin met ARDELL and, contrary to the story that she will tell, it was on a street corner.  But,...
Hi All,Well, I am finally home and starting to digest all that the previous week contained.  From hanging out with Mary Pope Handy and her wonderful family in Los Gatos, to Bloggers and Beer (where the Bloggaratti gathered), through Bloggers Connect and finally the long drive home, this has been ...
Hi All,I hate to have to talk about this on the eve of arriving in San Francisco and I never suspected that sweet, kind, generous Mary could be so cruel, but, shocking though it may seem, she was and is.  How you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you... First she invited me to Los Gatos and asked me to s...
Hi All,Tonight I am once again inspired to post in rhyme, so here goes... 'Twas the night before bye-bye as I sat in my house, hearing the rumble of my snoring spouse.Today has been busy, tomorrow is too, and Sunday is looming with bunches to do!My car still needs cleaning, my house is a mess, th...
Hi All,I was writing a comment moments ago and I realized that the comment really needed to be a post of it's very own so here it is.  For anyone who has come late to the party, Project Blogger is almost over as the audience voting ends in 25 hours and the final week (good old week three :-) is b...
Hi All,Week fourteen's judging came out for Project Blogger today and the judges, who I know worked very hard on it, decided to post their comments as a video blog.  This was interesting to me for a variety of reasons.  I had a hard time viewing the comments because my connection was so slow that...
Hi All,This is going to be a shameless plug... for votes... for my team... for Project Blogger.  I am telling you this right off the bat because I don't want anyone to think that I was trying to sneak something by them, and I also don't want anyone to be unclear on where I stand on this.  Based u...
Hi All,Tomorrow I get to start giving back to others some of what has been given to me.  I am very excited because I will be teaching my very first Introduction to Real Estate Blogging class at my office.  So, before I finish my notes about what I think I will be talking about, I decided to ask t...
Hi All,I have a friend (no, really I do) has a listing that she (and I) may have learned a $17,000 lesson on.  She is the listing agent and she has the property co-listed with another agent in her office.  They received an offer a bit under listing price, countered and got the buyer's up to listi...
Hi All,Today has been what I can only describe as one of THOSE days.  One of those days that make you truly appreciate all of the other days that surround them.  One of those days that test your mettle and at times your vocabulary.  Things did not start off well... I overslept, which got me start...

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