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Hi All, Well, here it is 2:10 AM and I am wide awake and typing as fast as my fingers can fly.  I have had two diet cokes so I may be up for days :-)  I wanted to tell you all about the AR Los Angeles Get Together which was held tonight at Parkers Lighthouse in Long Beach.Before I even start with...
Hi All,If you are in the neighborhood, or if you could be, check out Inka Trails a wonderful Peruvian restaurant located at 1077 Foothill Boulevard in Claremont, on the corner of Foothill and Towne Avenues.  Foothill Boulevard originally was Historic Route 66 and still carries the signage, charac...
Hi All,Just wanted to take a moment to wish ARDELL a whopping big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!ARDELL, I hope you like fresh lemon cake :-)Enjoy your day.  And may you have many, many more!Tisza
Hi All,Let me start by saying that I am fully aware of the fact that making a statement like the one in the title of this post "I Know What's Wrong With Real Estate And I Know How To Fix It", is bold, brash and yes, cocky.  However, I think I do, I really, really do.  Are you ready?  Here it is.....
Hi All,Last week I posted a blog entitled "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Out To Dinner".  I was writing mostly for fun, but a couple of comments I received sparked a conversation with my hubby and then, ultimately today's offering.  A couple of folks mentioned how people sometimes "sound" dif...
Hi All,For all you classic car buffs (like me) out there, I just posted a piece about Claremont's upcoming Cruise Night.  This is an awesome family friendly event that takes place on the second Saturday of every month from March through October.  The car show starts at 5 PM and runs till 8 PM wit...
Hi All,I have been wondering this for quite a while and I have been fighting a bit of a losing battle thus far at my office.  Our office has a "professional" dress code that agents are expected to adhere to if they are going to be in the office for more than 15 minutes during business hours.  Bas...
Hi All,I just got off the phone after speaking to my newest blogging client.  She found me after doing a Google search and gave me a call to get help looking for a home in Claremont or Upland.  We are meeting tomorrow morning to look at some homes.  I am loving this!  So far this will be the seco...
Hi All, A while back I published a list of 10 ways not to buy a home in a buyer's market. But I realized that ignored all you potential seller's out there, so I decided it was only fair to "help" you folks as well. Here are the 10 best ways I know of NOT to sell a home in a buyer's market. 10. Ov...
Hi All,It happened... finally it happened... I saw, actually I caught my husband in the act.  I was shocked.  I wondered if it was my fault.  Did I push him into it?  Or would it have happened even without me.  Who can say... perhaps it was destiny.  Perhaps it was fate... Perhaps it was somethin...

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