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Are you present in the conversation? What message does your inattentiveness give to others? Are you present in the Conversation?We need to be more intentional about showing others that we value the conversation.Here are some tips that add value in our conversations: 1. Do not text or check emails...
There are many reasons I suggest that you Don't Buy A Gym Membership In January.If you want to make Big money buy a Health Gym in December and sell it in February. After a holiday season of parties with great food and drink, the weight gained begins to show.With New Years Eve past and then recove...
Patricia Kennedy gave such a great check list for New Agents to use when choosing their First Broker.It is a very important decision as it sets the course for your future. I would use this checklist and make sure I was Interviewing the Broker and not just applying for a job. It seems like we have...
My grandparents on my mothers side of the family had 16 children and 54 grandchildren (not counting great grands).I always enjoyed going to their house to visit because no matter how big a crowd was gathered it seemed my grandmother had enough time for each and every one. One Christmas, we went t...
Saturday, December 19,2015 the place to be is Cape Coral, Florida. The Cape Coral Holiday Boat-A-Long is one of the larger boat parades in Southwest Florida.The Boat-A-Long takes place at Four Freedoms Park on Bimini Basin.Festivities begin at 4PM with live music, vendors, food, beverages AND a v...
After listening to Real Estate Agents and from my own personal experiences with Home Buyers, I have concluded that there is far too much Stress in the process.I Believe You Can Buy a House-With Less Stress. I hear agents talking about showing a buyer 15-20 houses and then the buyer wants to chang...
Every day something like 8,000 to 10,000 Baby Boomers reach age 65.  I have been working with many of them here in Florida and have learned a great deal about the way they think.I had assumed that they would be moving to Florida from the Northern states. And that has been shown to be true.I had a...
Many people aid and abet criminals and are not aware of what they are doing.There is an upscale gated community in my area that had 11 criminal events in one night.Working with the Property Manager I was able to interview all 11 of the residents that were victims of the crime spree.It is often th...
DON'T BUY A HOUSE-LIKE DAD BOUGHT A GOAT My dad was raised in a rural area and the family had several farm animals. He often told us about the goats they had and how they climbed on his new car and made a slide out of it. I guess over the years he forgot about the toll the goats had on his new ca...
Many consumers who start thinking about becoming a home owner often do not have a realistic view of their credit position. Some think they can fool a lender and just tell them they have good credit, which never works. Others know they have weak credit but are serious about making it better. Here ...

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