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I LIST and SELL Homes in San Diego and I want to Earn your Business. As a Proven and Trusted Market Leader in San Diego Real Estate, I provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers covering the many areas of San Diego County. With over 25 years experience, I will provide you the "careful and guided expertise" you need and expect.



San Diego is doing better than all of its neighboring counties. July Sales figures for San Diego County had only a 13.3 % drop from the same time in 2006. Notably it is the smallest in the 6 neighboring counties.Thebest news for San Diego county property owners is that the median price dropped on...
Two new websites catering to homeowners wanting to sell their country homes, vacation homes, including undeveloped is available for those looking for undeveloped land, rural retreats and country has been set up for those looking for vacation resort propert...
   Facing his 1st big crisis since he took over the reins 18 months ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke has a huge decision to make. To keep pumping money or lower the short term interest rates.   A chief strategist for Charles Schwab said of the current situation,"Financial Crises, in the pas...
That's right, the In-Group is pouring out of their other home styles for a new lifestyle home in a Downtown Hi-Rise. They are appearing at extravagant ultra Chic parties sponsored by Hi-Rise Developers to attract the rich and the not necessarily so famous " life style"  oriented Buyers for the Hi...
I ran across these questions in one of my files from a few years ago and have no idea where they came from but they were so cute I wanted to share them with you in hopes they will brighten your day. Once you are in heaven, are you stuck wearing the same clothes you were buried in for all eternity...
As a tribute to all the new Bronze Star Hall of Fame members, here are some new words to the old song of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Twinkle Twinkle Big Bronze Star,Look How Beautiful and Bronze You RUp Above The Group So High, Like Big Bronze Magic In The SkyTwinkle Twinkle Big Bronze StarHow I...
From time to time I used to be asked about missing a few days of posting on ActiveRain. You get busy and it just doesn't get done always on a regular basis. For sure I won't ever post 2 or 3 blogs one right after another again. No need to with my system for savings a few posts ahead. For those ti...
Your FICO Score may be being sabotaged by your credit card company and your loan borrowing costs can be adversely affected by credit card company's limit on  your credit but more especially by failing to report your credit card limit.If your credit card company does not report your credit card li...
If you are one the many of us who write periodically and you just  landed in the No-Pass Zone , "Writer's Block", here is what you can do about it.How much can we say about, How to Sell a Home or Buy one, etc.? The truth is, it is an endless subject with some many features , issues, or concerns t...
This post is almost like a MeMe in that it is sort of revealing about me. I just finished with my monthly time budget for those things that are essential to my life and well being. I delegate my time in 12 categories. The last one is a catch all for anything. I need that category to be there, but...

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